Meaning of Lugubre

What is Lugubre:

The word lugubrious is synonymous with gloomy, funereal, terrifying, unpleasant, regrettable. The word is a adjective to describe the state of a situation, thing, person or regretsfor example: “the appearance of that house is gloomy”, “it is a gloomy room”.

The gloomy expression is of Latin origin “lugubris” what does it mean “disastrous, funereal“, is an adjective formed by the root “lugere“which expresseslament”.

The opposite of gloomy is optimistic, happy, clear, luminous, among others.

The word gloomy translated into English is “lugubrious”.

dismal science

The dismal science was the designation given by the British historian, social critic and essayist, Thomas Carlyle to economics. This expression was used in response to the demographic, economic and sociopolitical theory of Thomas Malthus, it indicated that population growth consisted of a geometric progression, on the other hand, the increase in resources for its survival is an arithmetic progression. and, by virtue of this, universal hunger and misery will be inevitable since for Malthus “The power of the population is indefinitely greater than the power of the earth to guarantee the subsistence of man” and, that is why it must be There are repressive means such as war, plague, among others, to reduce population growth in order to avoid the aforementioned consequences.