Meaning of Legality

What is Legality:

The legality It is a condition or act carried out within the regulatory framework of a State.

Principle of legality

The principle of legality All acts emanating from the Public Powers must be governed by the legal system of the State and not by the will of individuals. The principle of legality emerges from Administrative Law since it limits the State by virtue of the fact that its actions must be subject to the legal framework, that is, the law must prevail over individual interest, arbitrariness of the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch, abuse of power and legal uncertainty.

The principle of legality is legally determined by the occurrence of 4 conditions; It delimits the space where the law can intervene, ensures the prelative order of the norms subordinate to the law, selects the precise norm that must be applied to the specific case and measures the powers that the norm confers on the administration.

The principle of legality is an essential condition of the Rule of Law since both seek to limit the actions of the State in order to guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Legality as a value

Legality as a value It is a set of beliefs, values, norms and actions that encourage the population to believe in the rule of law and reject injustices. Legality as a value allows us to appreciate the respect and interest of the legal system on the part of the people and those who apply the law.

Legality and legitimacy

Legality and legitimacy They are 2 of the great concepts of Political Theory. They are fundamental concepts in a State of Law.

Legality is the positive right that makes up a State while legitimacy is the set of ethical principles supported by a people. Legality refers to the person who exercises the power, that is, the sovereign, while legitimacy refers to the holder of the power, that is, the subject. Legality creates obligation and legitimacy creates responsibility and recognition as right and fair. Legality is the main guarantee of their right not to be mistreated and legitimacy is the foundation of their power to obey.

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