Meaning of Indie

What is Indie:

It is known as indie to the abbreviation of the term in English “independent” which in Spanish means “independent.”

As such, the indie It can be seen as a modern style that encompasses musical, film and fashion genres that do not have the support of the masses, nor the backing of recognized sponsors, and that is why they belong to an independent genre.

The productions indie They are appreciated by intellectuals or people known as undergrounds, that is, by all those who appreciate and look for products and/or productions that escape the fashion trend, or that escape the standards of contemporary society.

Culture indie It has a similarity to that of hipster, the people who belong to them are young people who reject the dominant trend, and seek to implement their own lifestyle, through alternative and independent.

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Indie rock

He indie rock, or in Spanish “independent rock”, a musical genre that emerged in 1980 in the United Kingdom and the United States.

He indie rock are characterized by being punk rock, rock, and pop bands that do not have products or the means to enter the commercial industry. With the development of technology, these groups have the ability to bring their music to a huge audience at a low cost, without the need to belong to a record label.

Currently, there are websites and applications such as “Spotify” that allow independent artists to disseminate their music, and obtain income from the reproductions of their music. On the other hand, by virtue of what has been mentioned, the public can more easily discover new bands and independent works, generating interest in culture. indie.

Some bands considered indie are: Belle & Sebastian, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Camera Obscura, The Killers, among others.

Style indie

The style indie emerged in the 80s, driven by the movement of indie rock, mentioned above.

The style indie It is contrary to mainstream. This means that the culture indie It is characterized by the rejection of the prevailing fashion, or of the predominant popular cultures, since they aim to be unique and not belong to the popular current.

The style indie It is made up of young people, with an eighties style, with tight jeans, striped shirts, worn-out clothes, and sneakers. Despite their fresh style, they always strive for elegance and a good image.

On the other hand, individuals who belong to this type of style appreciate things that are forgotten by the public or the latest releases.

Cinema indie

Cinema indie, or independent cinema, are those film productions that have not been created by recognized film studios. As such, they are characterized by being films produced by small companies, at low cost and with a theme that covers current or social issues such as homosexuality, drugs, prostitution, social decadence, among others.

Some of the films produced under this scheme are: Pulp fiction, Boyhood, Seven, American History X, Precious, among others.