Meaning of Human Development

What is Human Development:

As human development It is called the process in which a society, based on economic development, comprehensively improves the living conditions of its members.

In this sense, the human development It means not only that individuals have sufficient resources to cover their basic needs, but also that they have access to health and education systems, adequate levels of personal security, full political and cultural freedoms, as well as the ability to cultivate their interests. and develop their productive and creative potential, among other things.

Hence precisely one of the fundamental objectives of human development is to create the conditions for people to enjoy a wide range of opportunities (employment, education, productive development), in addition to being able to lead a life that they value, in accordance with their expectations and capabilities.

Thus, human development It also means quality of life, active participation in decisions that affect our environment, opportunities to develop our capabilities to the maximum and respect for human rights and the dignity of life.

He human development It goes beyond the level of income or wealth of an economy considered as such. On the contrary, it focuses on the wealth of the most important resource that a nation has: the human capital.

He human development is one of the millennium goals proposed by the United Nations (UN). In this sense, the organization in charge at the global level of coordinating policies and efforts around the issue of human development is precisely the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which also periodically presents the Annual World Human Development Report. This report presents statistical data that calculates, according to different indicators, the level of human development in contrast to the level of multidimensional poverty throughout the world.

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