Meaning of Generation Z

What is Generation Z:

Generation Z is the demographic group born after 1995human generation prior to that of the millennials.

There are no exact dates for the beginning or end of each generation, so the characteristics that differentiate them from the others will determine which group each individual belongs to.

Generation Z is called this because it is the next generation after Generation Y, or millennial generation (or millennialsin English). Generation Z is also called postmillennial or centennial, and is characterized by being the first generation considered digital native, that is, one that was born immersed in digital culture. Centenial or centennials derives from English centennials.

Characteristics of generation Z

Generation Z is known as the last generational leap in recent human history and has peculiar features due to the historical-cultural context in which it lived.

For them, technology is something omnipresent in their relationships and an essential part of their lives. The distinctive features of this generation are not yet known because they are still developing and they have not been fully incorporated into the world of work.

Despite the above, some characteristics typical of the time in which they live can be glimpsed and that will undoubtedly influence the profile of generation Z.

Digital natives

Centennials are essentially a digital-native generation. Many of them are born using smart phones and everything around them is connected to the internet.

From their tastes to their interpersonal relationships, everything goes through the filter of what exists in the virtual world. Connectivity is the new way of socializing and fashion is governed by influencers from different digital platforms.


Generation Z, finding themselves immersed in a large amount of information and knowledge that is available on the Internet, does not wait to learn the things that interest them.

Thanks to the growing high-quality teaching material that is being developed digitally, generation Z or centennials have the advantage of being able to learn without leaving home or wherever and whenever it suits them, being much better at self-discipline than millennials.


Greater knowledge about digital technologies means that generation Z has a special ability to find solutions with existing resources.

From a young age, they learn to manage their time between the platforms and applications in which they participate, giving them a special ability to organize time and space.

In that sense, they can be more stubborn due to the weight of knowledge, but that passion can lead them to create great things.

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