Meaning of Forever alone

What is Forever alone:

forever alone It is an expression in English that we can translate in Spanish as ‘alone forever’. It is a meme personified by a comic caricature, widely used in graphic images and jokes.

Its intention is to represent a situation of loneliness and disillusionment with life, due to social rejection. In itself, it is a black and white drawing of a strange, potato-shaped face, showing a saddened and tearful expression.

The caricature of forever alone to represent an isolated, lonely individual, without friends or girlfriend, through one or several comic strips that describe a situation or a succession of events or thoughts.

The creation of the meme forever alone It was recorded in 2009, and shortly after it became a phenomenon on social networks as Facebook and on platforms microblogging as Twitter and tumblr.

He forever alone is part of a set of pre-designed cartoons known as rage faces (faces of rage), among which are also the troll face (troll face), rage guy (fffuuu), I like it, are you serious? (are you serious), Yao Ming face (Yao Ming’s face), among others.

The rage faces They are memes, used in rage comicswhich have become immensely popular on the Internet, and which are freely used for humorous, ironic, comedic or satirical purposes.

These memes are usually accompanied by phrases, abbreviations, images of personalities or other elements that serve to ironize an event in people’s private lives or one that has great impact on public life.

The expression forever alone It gained so much popularity that it has been included in the songs of various artists and bands around the world.

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