Meaning of Everyday

What is Everyday:

Everyday is a adjective used to refer to what happens daily or habitually.

The word everyday derives from Latin quotidiānus. As synonyms for everyday, the words can be used: daily, current, common, habitual or frequent.

Everyday life is what people usually do in their daily lives, such as taking public transportation to work every morning, exercising in the afternoons, drinking hot tea before going to sleep, among others. .

Routines are part of everyday life because they are activities or tasks that are constantly repeated, except when for a particular reason they are interrupted to do something extraordinary or out of the ordinary, such as attending a wedding on a Wednesday.

Activities carried out during the holiday period or on weekends are also included as non-daily activities.

In this sense, everyday life is also related to the lifestyle that each individual has, therefore, what is everyday for one person is not necessarily everyday for another person. For example, couples with children have a very different routine compared to couples who are not parents.

Everyday language

Everyday language is understood as the use of colloquial words or expressions between speakers who are trusted or close, so it is not necessary to express oneself through formal language, but it is respectful.

Everyday language is informal and is usually used between family, friends, co-workers or close people with whom a bond is shared that allows communication to flow spontaneously and relaxed.

Likewise, the use of everyday language generates changes in the use or disuse of some words thanks to cultural exchanges, foreign words or the creation of technological terms, among others.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that everyday language is part of the cultural expressions that identify the great diversity of social groups.

However, the use of everyday language should not surpass formal language; it would be incorrect and would also cause serious problems for language in general.

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