Meaning of Ethnology (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Ethnology:

It is known as ethnology to the social science that studies systematically and comparatively the ethnicities and cultures of the so-called primitive peoples, in opposition to the current and Western civilized societies.

Ethnology is a branch of anthropology that focuses especially on those societies that appear peculiar or different from what the individual observes or is accustomed to.

Ethnology seeks comparative relationships and similarities between the characteristics of different peoples, through the following aspects: religion and symbolic expression, cultural diversity, customs, language, family organization, social and political systems, economic systems of societies, among other points. important.

Ethnology follows a series of steps to achieve its objective. Firstly, it analyzes and organizes the collected material, selects the material, and finally presents the text, as a theoretical basis, with the aim of demonstrating the similarities and differences between the societies under study.

Regarding its etymological originthe expression ethnology is of Greek origin, formed by “ethnos” what does it mean “nation or people”, “lodge” that expresses “study or treatise”plus the suffix “-ia” represents “action”.

On the other hand, the word ethnologist refers to the person who understands oenology. That is, it is that individual who focuses on studying peoples and ethnic groups, as well as their culture, characteristics, and the other points mentioned above.

Importance of ethnology

Ethnology is a science of utmost importance since it has discovered and disseminated knowledge in various areas, such as medicine, architecture, psychology, biology, among others, which allows us to observe different aspects of evolution with the study of different civilizations, such as example: the human aspects of man, ancient economic systems, systems of governments, customs and behaviors, etc.

Due to all the studies that ethnology covers, it is noteworthy that they promote the development of new technologies, as well as other areas, be it botany, architecture, among other current problems.

Ethnology and ethnography

As a starting point, ethnology and ethnography are important branches of anthropology.

Ethnography is the science that aims to study and describe a particular race or people. For its part, ethnology aims to find similarities or common principles between different societies.

Ethnology and oenology

Despite their similarity, they are two terms that have an abysmal difference, and from there derives their importance of not being confused.

Oenology is the set of knowledge related to the production of wines, specifically the oenologist is in charge of classifying them by their aroma, appearance, sensations, among others.

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