Meaning of Enmity (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Enmity:

The enmity is dislike or hatred between 2 or more people. The term enmity is related to the expression enemywhich is an adjective that means opposite to a thing or, he who has an ill will and wishes harm to another.

Enmity is synonymous with aversion, resentment, hostility, hatred, etc. as a result of differences or different ideologies, thoughts between 2 or more people and also due to the envy that one person may feel towards another. In addition, enmity is presented through: physical attacks, verbal attacks, willingness to make life impossible for another individual, intimidation towards a person, etc.

The term enmity can be evident in various contexts, as mentioned above, between people, but it can also arise between nations, as a result of a disagreement between the policies of both, generating a war and enemy armies. Likewise, enmity can be observed in literature and cinema, for example: Superman and Lex Luthor, Batman and the Joker, heroic characters who fight for good and evil.

The term enmity or enemy can also be used in contexts of confrontations or adversaries at a sporting level, for example as occurs with the Spanish soccer classic between the eternal enemies Real Madrid and FC Barcelona to refer to the opposite, that is, that person or team that must be beaten in a sporting event.

In the field of religion, the term of enmity against God They are the designs of the flesh, because the law of God is not satisfied and those who live according to the flesh do not please God and do not comply with the commandments of the Lord.

Enmity is known as an antivalue of friendship. Enmity produces a lack of coexistence, exclusion towards other individuals, individualism. Also, lenmity produces other types of feelings: intolerance, disrespect, disagreement in most of the statements made by that person considered an enemy, evil, among others.

On the other hand, some antonyms of the term enmity They are: friendship, harmony, agreement, trust, etc. The word enmity translated into English is “enmity”.

See also Antivalues.

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