Meaning of Egolatry (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Egolatry:

Egolatry consists of the cult or adoration of oneself, that is, it consists of someone’s excessive admiration for their own person. The term comes from the Greek egowhich means ‘I’ and latreiswhich means ‘worship’.

Among the terms related to the word egomania we can mention: narcissism and egocentrism.

An egomaniacal person not only has a high self-esteem, but this condition is disproportionate and pretentious, since the person conceives of himself as infallible and superior to others, as if he were a deity. Therefore, whoever practices egomania hopes to awaken in others the same admiration that he feels for his own person.

It is important to clarify that egomania should not be confused with good self-esteem. One of the traits that distinguishes egomania is that egomaniacs are incapable of feeling empathy for the needs of others.

See also Narcissism.

Egolatry in psychology

Psychology recognizes egomania as a personality problem. When egomania reaches extreme levels, it receives the clinical name of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Although all people are susceptible to episodes of egomania, the clinical term only applies to those who suffer from chronic symptoms of narcissism.

Difference between egomania and egocentrism

Egocentrism consists of the practice of placing oneself as the center of reference for everything, either as an exaltation of superiority or as a victim. For example, an egocentric may think of himself as the object of everything

On the other hand, egomania is specifically the cult of one’s own person, a continuous and exaggerated exaltation of virtues and merits.

See also: Egomaniac.

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