Meaning of Dirimir

What is Dirimir:

Dirimir is a verb that is used in the sense of resolve or end a conflict, controversy or disagreement that occurs between two people or parties: “The workers are trying to resolve their differences.”

Dirimir, on the other hand, is also used with the meaning of dissolve something immateriallike a marriage: “They wanted to settle their marriage peacefully.”

The word, as such, comes from Latin dirimĕre.

Synonyms of settleIn the sense of solving, they would be resolving, fixing, remedying, resolving, while, in the sense of dissolving, they would be concluding, finishing, finalizing, terminating or terminating.

In Englishsettle, in the case of a legal contract or a marriage, can be translated as to dissolve either to annul. For example: “Their marriage has been dissolved” (their marriage has been settled). If it is a dispute, it can be translated as to settle: “The unions have settled their dispute with their employers” (the unions have settled their dispute with their employers).

Settle in law

In law, it is known as settling the act of resolving conflicts or disagreements that may arise between two disputing parties in an issue or controversy. The term is primarily applied to marital disputes or to situations in which it is necessary to resolve a dispute, either through conciliation or by using a majority.