Meaning of Detriment (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Detriment:

The detriment refers to deterioration, damage or harm to someone or something. The word, as such, comes from Latin detrimentum.

The detriment can occur at moral, material, economic or physical levels. It is characterized because it does not eliminate or destroy, it barely damages or impairs what it affects, either through mismanagement or through carelessness or negligence.

Thus, we can speak, for example, in a moral sense, of the detriment of a person’s credibility or moral damage; in material terms, the patrimonial detriment of a person or organization; in economics, the detriment of the productive apparatus of a country, or, in the physical aspect, the detriment of a person’s health.

For its part, the locution “to the detriment of” It is used to contrast two elements in a sentence: “Alicia chose Marcos over Miguel.”

Synonyms of detriment They are deterioration, damage, harm, loss or impairment.

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In Englishdetriment can be translated as harm either detriment. For example: “She is engrossed in her work to the detriment of her marriage” (she is absorbed in her work to the detriment of her marriage).

Patrimonial detriment

Referring to the public assets of the State, we speak of patrimonial detriment when there has been improper use or irresponsible management of the public assets or resources of a country or nation. The consequence is damage to public assets.

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