Meaning of Dead dog, rabies ends

What is Dead the dog, the rabies ends:

The saying “The dog is dead, the rabies is over” or “The dog is dead, the rabies is over” is related to the idea of ​​cause and effect. It is based on the principle that by eliminating the factor that produces the problem, the problem itself disappears.

This saying has a pragmatic spirit, since it not only invites us to come up with solutions, but also to nip conflicts in the bud, instead of limiting ourselves to temporarily dissipating tension.

“Rage” is the popular name given to an incurable disease called hydrophobia, which affects dogs and results in aggressive behavior. Part of the problem with hydrophobia is that it can be transmitted to humans through a bite from an infected dog.

Since there is no cure and it represents a serious threat to public health, when a dog is infected it is euthanized to stop its spread. This is how the meaning of the saying “Dead the dog, the rabies ends” is born.

If the cause of the spread of a problem is identified, then it would be enough to eliminate the cause, either to prevent or to correct the problem.

Among the variants of this saying is “The dog is dead, the fleas are gone”, commonly used in Puerto Rico. It can also be linked to expressions such as “To great evils, great solutions.”

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