Meaning of Constitutionalism (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Constitutionalism:

As constitutionalism is known the political system that is regulated by a constitutional text. Likewise, it is a partisan ideology of this systemwith their respective manifestations in the social, political and legal spheres.

According to constitutionalism, All public powers must be subject to a regulatory framework that moderates and limits them.. Thus, constitutionalism defends the idea that government authority, regardless of whether it emanates from a fundamental law, must be controlled by written laws that, in turn, function as the basic principle of the social organization of the State.

The ConstitutionTherefore, it would be that regulatory framework on which the legal system of a State is based and, in this sense, the base of the regulatory pyramid to which the rest of the laws of a country must be subject.

See also Constitution.

Thus, from a legal point of viewconstitutionalism is a regulatory system based on the preeminence, above the powers, of a constitutional text.

On the other hand, from a social point of viewconstitutionalism is a movement that seeks to limit the power of the rulers in power so that personal interests do not override the agreed rules for the conduct of the State.

Finally, constitutionalism can also be considered a knowledge discipline which aims to study the function and position exercised by constitutions in different societies and political systems, as well as the historical evolution of the constitutional text in a given State.

Social constitutionalism

It is known by the name of social constitutionalism the movement that aims to defend and promote the inclusion of social rights in the constitutional texts of nations. In this sense, the first concretization of social constitutionalism was the Constitution of Mexico of 1917, since this was the result of the ideals of the Mexican revolution. Gradually, other nations around the world have been incorporating proposals of this order into their respective legal and legal framework.

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