Meaning of Cohibir (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Cohibir:

inhibit means prevent a person from feeling, behaving or expressing themselves freely or naturally. It is synonymous with containing or repressing someone or something. The word, as such, comes from the Latin cohibere, which means ‘to restrain’.

To inhibit is to control certain impulses or desires, to repress things that one wants to do or say, but that one considers inappropriate. You can refrain from saying an insult, from asking the girl you like to dance, or from criticizing your boss’s orders.

In some way, being self-conscious can be positive if it allows us to control mood impulses that are inappropriate or harmful to our relationship with others: raising our voice at our mother, hitting a person, insulting a person on the street.

On the other hand, being self-conscious can be negative if we become extremely self-conscious, to the point of not being able to express what we think or feel, either because of shyness, shame or fear of what people will say. Refraining from dancing at a party, asking for the phone number of the person we like, or complaining about what we feel is a lack of respect from our superior, are some cases in which self-consciousness affects us negatively.

Hence, being self-conscious also means being ashamed, intimidated or afraid. For example: “She became self-conscious when she saw the teacher enter the classroom.”

inhibit and inhibit

Inhibit It is to prevent or repress the exercise of certain powers or habits, as well as to prohibit or prevent something. For example: “Credit technology does not inhibit financial risk”, “the advertising law inhibits the sale of cars”. inhibit, for its part, is to repress or contain someone from acting or expressing themselves freely. For example: “He was reluctant to kiss her.” Inhibiting, in this sense, is associated with an external agent, while inhibiting is the product of an internal force.

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