Meaning of Chill out (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Chill out:

As chill out is known a type of contemporary music that is characterized by combining different musical genres in a harmonious and relaxed style.

chill outas such, is an expression typical of the English language that means ‘relax’, ‘calm down’and which refers, precisely, to the idea of ​​relaxation music, of rest.

He chill out It is characterized by using slow tempos and soft, harmonious sounds, with melodies without stridency or shocks, and mixing genres as diverse as opera, tech, rock, jazz, ambient music, flamenco or tango. It uses electronic instruments such as samplerssynthesizers, drum machines and sound effects, as well as wind instruments, such as the saxophone or the flute.

Musically, it shares traits with other subgenres, such as ambient, downtempo or trip-hop. The fundamental objective of this musical style is to relax the listener, transmit a feeling of calm and enjoyment. It is essential to create a calm and rested environment.

Originally, chill out appeared in the mid-nineties in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Among the most recognized chill out projects worldwide are Café del Mar, Buddha Bar or Bruno from Ibiza.

Currently in the world there is a culture of chill out with venues, bars and restaurants that use this concept and offer environments designed to have a few drinks, relax and chat after work or before going out dancing.

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