Meaning of Cempasúchil Flower (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Cempasuchil Flower:

The marigold flower is the flower of a plant known as tagete, Chinese carnation or Indian carnation. In Mexico, it is called flower of the dead or cempaxóchitl. Its scientific name is Tagetes erecta. The word “cempasúchil”, as such, comes from Nahuatl and means ‘twenty flower’ or ‘flower with twenty petals’.

The marigold flower It is a flower with great symbolic value in Mexico, especially in the celebration of the Day of the Dead. In addition to this, the flower is also used in the world of gardening for its ornamental virtues. Due to its popularity and uniqueness, origami crafts are also made reproducing this flower on paper.

Characteristics of the marigold flower

The marigold flower is a species native to Mexico and Central America. The plant from which it sprouts can reach more than a meter in height. It reproduces by seeds, and its flowering time is during the Nordic summer and autumn. Its flower is very aromatic and its color ranges between yellow and orange.

What is the marigold flower used for?

The marigold flower It is used in some Mexican states as traditional medicine, mainly as a remedy for digestive diseases. It is also used in some places to combat respiratory and eye diseases.

Several scientific studies confirm some medicinal properties of the marigold flower: it is antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant.

Other uses of the marigold flower

It is increasingly used as a natural colorant in feed intended for poultry consumption. The characteristics of this flower increase the yellow color of the skin of chickens and the yolk of eggs. It is also used as an ingredient for making soups and infusions. Likewise, it is also used for the production of insecticides.

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Cultivation and care of the marigold flower

This plant is adapted to various climates and soils, preferably climates with mild temperatures and without severe frosts. Cultivation can begin from May although in greenhouses it can be grown throughout the year. The cempasuchil flower needs to receive sunlight and regular watering, although it also resists periods of drought.

Meaning of the marigold flower on Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the marigold flower It is used as decoration and ritual offering on the Day of the Dead. It is common to use the petals to mark on the ground the path that the souls of the deceased must follow towards the domestic altars built in their honor. This is because traditionally it was said that its petals kept the heat of the sun and illuminated the way back to the deceased. The petals are also used to form necklaces that symbolize bliss.

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