Meaning of Back office

What is Back office:

Back office It is an expression taken from the English language that literally means ‘back office’. This term refers to the set of activities that support a company and that do not involve direct contact with the client or end user.

Thus, the tasks and activities developed in back office They are, basically, business support functions for the fulfillment of the company’s objectives as well as for the development of the specific projects undertaken. Among these activities we can mention:

database administration, organization of company files, monitoring of both internal and client correspondence, company finances, human resources administration, legalization processes and tax payment of companies , customer order management, content feeding in communication companies, technical support, etc.

The term is contrasted with front office (front office), which refers to all the activities and tasks that the company carries out for the customer: personalized attention, sales to the public, fulfillment of customer expectations, direct provision of services, etc.

The activities covered by the back office They are not those that generate dividends for the company, but they are those that keep the company in operation, since they coordinate the different work areas necessary to achieve the proposed purposes.

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Back office In Internet

By extension, in services through the web, that is, essentially digital services, the back office It also refers to the feeding and administration processes of content portals, pages and blogs, to which the end user does not have access.

This type of system is accessible to many individual web entrepreneurs thanks to the services provided by companies that act as content managers. These types of companies, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others, provide Internet administration interfaces based on the concept of front office and back office.

He front office refers to the public image that the end user can enjoy, while the back office refers to the private section that allows you to feed content and modify the design and layout.

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