Meaning of Aztecs (What they are, Concept and Definition)

What are Aztecs:

The Aztecs were a original culture of Aztlána mythical place that gave rise to the name Aztec.

These Aztecs are also called Mexicanname given by their leader Huitzilopochtli upon separating from the Aztecs Coatepecmigrating and founding Tenochtitlan around the year 1111 AD. There they developed their culture above the Olmec constructions until the arrival of Hernán Cortés in 1519 AD.

Location of Aztec Culture

The Mesoamerican Aztec Culture expanded throughout the central and southern region of today’s Mexico, between the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

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Culture of the Aztec Empire

The culture of the Aztec Empire It has a strong influence from the Olmec culture that preceded it in the same region. The culture of the Aztec Empire He is known for his 52-year cycles, his blood sacrifices in the Great Temple, his mandatory tax system in the area of ​​influence, his habit of taking baths twice a day and introducing chocolate and tomatoes.

Architecture of the Aztec Empire

The Architecture of the Aztec Empire It stands out for its pyramidal shape and the base can be either circular or square. The most emblematic buildings of the Aztec Empire are The Great Temple (with the gods Huitzilopochtli–Tlaloc), Malinalcor (temple sculpted from the rock itself), Twin Temples (double access stairs) and Calixtlahuaca (circular pyramid).

Meanings of words in Nahuatl

Aztlán: “Seat of the Herons” or “Place of Whiteness” or Primordial Place. (Also known as Chicomóztoc)
Chicomoztoc: “The house of the seven caves.”
Huitzilopochtli: Known as god of War, representing the Sun.
Tenochtitlan: “The place where the cactus stings.”
Coatepec: “Serpent Hill.”

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