Meaning of Apprehend (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Apprehend:

Apprehend is illegally picking up or turning on an object. The word apprehend is of Latin origin “apprehendĕre” made up of the word “ad” what does it mean “to” and “prehende“which expresses”perceivegrab”.

The term apprehend not only refers to grasping things, it also refers to the arrest of a person who has committed a crimefor example: “the criminal who robbed the bank was apprehended.”

However, apprehend is linked to the learning of an activity or subject, since the aforementioned word refers to assimilate or understand somethingis the case of “she is incapable of apprehending the entrusted activity.”

On the other hand, the term apprehend is used as a synonym for: seize, grab, stop, imprison, among others. In turn, some antonyms of the aforementioned word are: release, deliberate, leave.

The term apprehend translated into English is “apprehend”.

Apprehend and learn

Learn is acquire knowledge through study, experience or teaching. Instead, to apprehend is to assimilate knowledge without having to study. Likewise, the knowledge acquired through learning. In reference to these 2 terms for a better understanding, when you study you learn and when you interact with the environment you apprehend.

Likewise, the knowledge acquired through learning can be forgotten over time since the individual does not internalize it, as in the case of not remembering the lesson studied at the university after a few days, very different from apprehending since the knowledge obtained They are never forgotten, for example: putting on shoes.

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