Meaning of Amo (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Amo:

The word master refers to the person who is the owner or proprietor of some property. Amo derives from the feminine form of Hispanic Latin ammawhich means ʽnurseʼ.

The word love It is a noun, both masculine and feminine, that has several meanings depending on the context. in which it is used, however, the most widespread use refers to the master as the owner of a property. “The master is walking near the farm stream.”

Master, also refers to the man who is owner and lord of a family home. In this sense, the master is a respected person who is responsible for making important family decisions.

In the same way, master or mistress is understood as the person who stands out for having decisive influence and predominance over otherswhich is why they are treated with a respectful or submissive attitude.

On the other hand, love is the person who exercises dominion and control over his possessions, as well as those who live and work in that place, generally, the service personnel, the butler or the servants. “The servants received orders from the master to keep vigil tonight.”

During feudalism and colonialism, a master was called who had control over large tracts of land and, in addition, they were owners of the slaves who worked them and were obliged to comply with the assigned orders without being able to make any type of claim. “The master bought more slaves.”

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As master is also known as foreman or foreman, person who is in charge of directing and keeping under surveillance the workers who are dedicated to the cultivation and tillage of the farms or fields. “A new master arrived at the coffee plantation.”

In relation to people who have pets, many are those who call themselves by owner to identify themselves as pet owner. “The dog broke his master’s favorite shoes.”

When the word loves is used as a feminine noun, it can have different meanings: the woman who takes care of household chores, the woman who takes care of the children in a house, and even the woman who hires herself to breastfeed. To a baby.

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