Meaning of Action Plan (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is an Action Plan:

He action plan It is a planning tool used for the management and control of tasks or projects. As such, it functions as a roadmap that establishes the way in which the set of tasks necessary to achieve objectives and goals will be organized, guided and implemented.

The purpose of action planbased on a framework of correct planning, is to optimize project management, saving time and effort, and improving performance, to achieve the stated objectives.

See also Planning.

The action plans They are very useful when coordinating and committing a group of people, organizations, or even nations, to get involved and work together in order to achieve certain goals.

As such, the action plan is adaptable to the most diverse areas of project management: educational, community, business, organizational, administrative, commercial, marketing or marketingetc.

Characteristics of an action plan

All action plan It must contain the following aspects described and specified:

Analysis: It includes an analysis of the situation and the needs on which intervention is going to take place.
Goals: defines the specific goals you intend to achieve.
Activities: describes the actions, tasks and strategies that must be executed.
Responsibilities: assigns and distributes tasks and responsibilities.
Resources: determines the resources that will be necessary for its implementation, as well as their distribution.
Deadlines: It has a defined duration, that is, a beginning and an end.
Indicators: determines the management indicators that will be used for monitoring and evaluating the process, as well as for decision making.
Settings: Because it is a work that is in constant development and evolution, any necessary changes or corrections will be introduced as the process progresses.

Tutorial action plan

As tutorial action plan The one where the criteria for the organization and operation of tutorial care in a teaching institution are specified is known. As such, it refers to the pedagogical work that includes the tutelage, accompaniment and monitoring of students to promote their learning processes through continuous guidance and training. The tutorial action plan, in this sense, is part of the educational project and, therefore, must be coherent with respect to it.

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