Marketing resume: examples and templates

So how do you write a marketing resume that actually motivates recruiters to set up an interview?

In an ever-expanding global marketplace, businesses large and small need marketing experts like never before. Due to the large number of opportunities and competitors, having a Curriculum vitae of marketing is invaluable.

The best way to make a successful marketer resume is to choose the right template and guide you with our examples. Thus, you will be able to write each segment correctly and in a few minutes, even without previous experience in creating resumes.

Example of Curriculum vitae of marketing

Turi Llanas

[información de contacto]

Head of digital marketing in content writing – financial sector

Profile : 2 years at ACA as head of digital marketing, I have managed to increase web traffic by more than 400% and improve our conversion rate (1%>7%). Mastering digital marketing, social networks and content (SEO, CMS, Google Analytics…) allows me to improve the visibility of a company and integrate more and more new clients.

Professional experiences

2018 – present, 10X – financial investment platforms, Madrid

digital marketing manager (market finance)

Increase traffic, improve visibility (X%)
Increase conversion rate (X%) and bounce rate (X%)
planning strategies

2015/2018 – Director of digital marketing projects

Digital Marketing Project Manager (market finance)

Content writing and visibility optimization
Traffic management policy development and enforcement


2014 – MSc Digital Marketing

Sisco Business School, Barcelona

2013 – Master in Digital Marketing

BBA Sisco, Barcelona


digital marketing strategy
Project management
budget planning
Traffic optimization
Google Analytics, CMS, SEO, AdWords, Facebook ads, WordPress


French: bilingual (C2)
English: Professional (TOEIC :990/100)

How to make a marketing resume perfectly?

Marketing is a very broad profession and it is necessary to adapt the CV based on the skills embodied in the job offer, as well as the specific field of marketing, be it traditional marketing, print, digital, etc.

At the same time, and just like an advertisement, a flyer, and even a good advertising slogan, it must be simple, elegant, and captivating. To do this, your document must have the correct format, as well as a structure that is easy to read and difficult to forget.

Now, let’s take a look at what it takes to make your document meet and even exceed recruiters’ expectations.

What is the best format for a marketing resume?

There are several types of format to create a resume:

Reverse chronological: here destaPut your work experience at the top, prioritizing your most recent jobs.
Functional: where you highlight your most important skills over your experience.
Mixed: a mixture of both, where you direct each resume to a certain position.

In the case of making a Curriculum vitae of marketing, the most optimal is use a mixed format or a reverse chronological format . Thus, you will capture the attention of the recruiter in seconds and you will reveal why you are the right person.

The structure of the digital marketing resume

Your resume should include titles like:

Your contact information (name, surname, photo, contact details). Presentation of your profile. Your professional experience and your missions. Your academic background. Your skills – Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Your interests.

Ideally, the information should fit on one page.

Create an effective and direct professional summary

Punctuate the why you are the ideal choice for the project. Highlight, above all, your best points and do it naturally, the management of computer programs and knowledge of digital marketing are highly valued, since the current market is constantly expanding towards online sales or at least they want to apply this service to their products.

Therefore, emphasize the fact that you have knowledge about digital marketing, express that it is a field of interest to you, that you are aware of the importance of this sector and that you are willing to adapt to advances, creating the best possible feeling for the customer. interested in your marketing resume.

💡Note: Knowledge of languages ​​is also a strong point when it comes to standing out from other candidates. Knowledge of international markets can also be of great interest, if it is a multinational company. Make them see in you a great contribution to the company or project.

Here an example of experienced professional resume:


Marketing Director with more than 9 years of experience developing and expanding advertising and marketing companies throughout the United States. I am currently looking for different challenges within online communication. I have a 4.2% net profit success rate on all my campaigns. I am willing to take your project to its best exponent.

And what to include if I have no experience?: professional objective

If you have no experience, the best strategy is to manifest your professional objective Be direct and tell your professional motivations regarding this project.

Therefore, describe yourself in a way simple and direct when looking for a job. An example resume from this section of the resume would be:


Recent graduate in marketing and advertising. I have great knowledge of the current market, I have great ideas to improve Iberdrola’s productivity and ROI. I am more than willing to see you through and exceed your expectations.

As you can see, you can reflect motivation and impetus to work even without having previous experience.

Therefore, write your professional profile in a subtle way and direct but always making an emphasis on attracting the attention of the person who is reading in a very subtle way, creating intrigue and interest in your profile. Do not ignore your candidacy.

Describe your work experience

It’s essential highlight experience to a marketing resume, as it will create a sense of immediate confidence With the reader, it also serves to know how many years you have been employed or if, on the other hand, you are just starting out in the world of work.

It will help to use references past, never use them in the curriculum vitae but describe that they are available if required.

Note: In the world of marketing, not having experience is not a negative thing, since many entrepreneurs or Marketing Directors are looking to transmit their knowledge and philosophy to a person with interest and desire to learn, something that is more difficult in people who have a to work already established.

It is important to highlight all those qualities that make you the ideal person for this project, pointing out, above all, that you can resolve any adverse situation that is presented to you, and that your creativity and imagination exceed your own expectations and that this has been the case in all your previous projects

Keep in mind to add the start and end date of the job or project, the name of the company and the position or responsibility you had during that period.

An example of how to write work experience for a marketing resume would be:

Susana Alberta Garcia

Agency deses3 (January 2012 – February 2019)
community manager

I managed campaigns for over 5 years that had extremely positive results.
I had the opportunity to give several master classes at the Complutense University.
He led the training of new employees.
I increased the sales and visits ratio by 9% in the first quarter. Malaskar Agency (June 2019 – January 2021).

Let’s see another example below:

Marketing director

Coordinator of one of the largest projects at the National level of Malaskar Agency, exceeding the forecast of benefits with SEO strategy by 150%.
I managed several projects with influencers to increase their ratio, having profits of more than 20% in a single year
I worked for several theater actors creating a solidarity project for art, we got donations from various countries.

Examples of professional experiences for a junior marketer

2018/2020 – Zaratamo, ready-to-wear brand (launched in 2017)

Head of digital communication – social networks

Competitive intelligence Optimization of content on social networks (+10,500 subscribers) Participation in the digital communication strategy

Examples for a more experienced marketer

2018/2020 – Zaratamo, ready-to-wear brand (launched in 2017)

Head of digital communication – social networks

Application of the digital communication strategy through social networks (next campaign: TikTok) Increased visibility (+4,000%), traffic (+980%) and conversion rate performance above target (4 %>7.6%) Increase in the number of followers (865,400 on Instagram; 970,000 on Facebook)

Include your academic information

It is important to highlight that you have the adequate and complete training to adjust to the professional profile that agencies or companies ask for in marketing experts or digital marketing experts, as well as your skills. Courses, certifications, knowledge of computer programs, as well as personal projects related to the sector, can be of great help when assessing your candidacy.

the best way to draw the reader’s attentionis undoubtedly to be short and direct. Therefore, following this same philosophy throughout your marketing resume, do not beat around the bush and continue the line we have followed so far, this will give cohesion and coherence to your marketing resume.

An example could be:

Luis Socas Robaina Marketing Director

Graduated in Marketing (2012)
University of Valencia.
Master in digital marketing (2014)
University of Valencia

Simple and direct. In this section, the most functional and optimal thing is to be concise. If you don’t have a great academic training, develop this section a little more with some awards or certifications that can be of help to know your motivations.

Some examples of courses or certifications related to the world of marketing could be:

Google Marketing Certificate Online Communication and Seo courses Digital marketing courses Google Ads Creation and edition of content on social networks. Facebook Ads courses with Platzi Content marketing for social networks Advertising courses

There is a wide variety of courses and certifications related to the sale and management of sales strategies. Even if you’ve done a few volunteer projects or camps summer. Nothing is superfluous in this section when you do not have a weighty academic background.

If you have more professional experience, you may be more interested in our Curriculum vitae of marketing manager.

Include the right skills on your marketing resume

Highlight your best skills, think about the skills they require to…