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As a professional marketing manager, you should understand product development and distribution, creating and implementing marketing strategies, creating sales copy, engaging with company stakeholders, and much more.

Making products more attractive is your specialty. And ours is to help you present your specialties with a cutting-edge resume.

How to write the best resume for a marketing manager?

Imagine yourself as the product, and your resume as the means to communicate your selling points to the stakeholders. In this case, you need to present your skills clearly and concisely, but at the same time professional, elegant and convincing.

And for this you must know how to start writing it correctly. For a start:

How to write a professional resume as a marketing manager

This section of the summary goes under the name, phone number, and email address. It is usually completed with 3 or 4 lines; nothing else.

The professional summary is perfect for compressing your most notable professional achievements into a short, easy-to-remember paragraph.

Example of a good professional summary


Marketing strategist with more than 7 years of experience in the implementation of inbound marketing campaigns. Specialized in capturing leads through organic positioning. I designed a successful strategy that increased the return on investment at Ogilvy by 37%. I look forward to more and better results at Accenture.

This summary works because:

All information included is relevant; The sentences are short and easy to read; Includes all important aspects: experience, area of ​​expertise, and most notable achievement; It concludes with a personalized message to the target company.

💡Note: Ideally, keep the abstract as short as possible; however, you can lengthen it by a line or two if you want to include more abilities or achievements.

Example of a less functional summary

Now let’s look at a not so effective professional summary


Skilled and talented Marketing Manager with knowledge of group management in a variety of promoter regions. With my variety of past experiences, I am looking for a wide range of freedoms to lead advertising companies and groups.

The summary has many errors, let’s discuss what key points we can take from this:

The first rule of thumb for writing a good resume is to never write it in the first person, never use “I” when writing a job profile. The summary is non-specific and includes unclear data such as advertising “companies” and “groups”. The lack of detail in the profile will lead a potential employer to think that the resume was copied from some kind of template.

After taking care of the professional summary section of your resumes, it’s time to develop the main body of your application: the experience section.

How to write the experience section of the marketing resume?

Laying out your past work experiences in a professional and understandable way is a great way to get employers’ attention. This step is vital for any type of resume and career.

An effective way to format a marketing manager’s resume is to write your work experiences in reverse chronological order.

For more formatting ideas, a marketing manager resume example, and a custom resume template you can use this for your resume, go to our resume templates.

Marketing Manager Resume Examples

Let’s be honest; It won’t matter how good and moving your resume summary and skills section is if the experience section doesn’t measure up. The work experience section is the most important and crucial part of your application. This is where you communicate to the reader your real value as a marketing manager.

Here is an effective description of how work experience should be written:


product marketing manager

GeoDome Industries

06/2015 – 11/2018

New York, New York

I applied the natural SEO campaign strategy for a group of 10 people, increasing overall website traffic by 145% in 6 months, improving conversion rates by 55%.

In this case, the candidate in our example chose not to add more than one bullet point to describe an outstanding achievement, which leaves more room to point to previous positions.

In turn, included realistic figures that leave no room for doubt.

It is essential to understand that you should also promote yourself while writing about your past work experiences. This can be done by giving numerical and statistical examples of your accomplishments and explaining how your work affected your employer and coworkers.

Highlight your marketing skills

Skills are, for many, Cream of the creamespecially in terms of marketing and management.

On the one hand, as a marketing manager, you must illustrate what you specialize in, what are the tools you know how to use, what specialized techniques you use, among other aspects. On the other hand, as a team leader, reflecting your interpersonal skills is more than essential.

Some of the more desirable hard skills are:

SEO Google Analytics Google Trends SEMRush Copywriting Email marketing Lead generation Graphic design knowledge

Include marketing certifications on your resume

Sometimes the employer will ask you for a skill set that is not fully covered in your work experience section. A good way to place these types of requests in a relatively short period of time is to get certified for that specific skill.

These are the Top 5 Marketing Manager Certificates:

Google Analytics Google Ads Facebook Advertising Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification YouTube Certification

Key Points to Create a Great Marketing Manager Resume

At the end of the day, the key points to creating an effective Marketing Manager resume are as follows:

Design your resume specifically for the job you are applying for. Your career summary should show your strengths and job-appropriate skills in a concise way. Demonstrate value by touching on key points and accomplishments from your past work, as well as including metrics. List your work experiences in reverse chronological order. Present your skills and experiences in an attractive and convincing way: promote your business. Use certificates to increase the effectiveness of your application.

Frequent questions

How to describe marketing experience on a resume?

Try to include important numerical details and accomplishments from your previous jobs. Create value by indicating how the company has improved through your marketing and management efforts; Mention interesting projects you have been involved in. For readability, write experiences in chronological order and use our sample resume for proper formatting.

What is the average salary of a marketing manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2020, the median annual salary for marketing managers was $142,170.

What is a good objective for a marketing resume?

An objective helps your employers understand your motivations for pursuing a career in marketing by concisely stating what position you are seeking. Goals also often include a few words about yourself.