Manicurist Resume: Writing Tips + Examples

Are you a manicurist and are you looking for a job? With more and more nail professionals, strive to stand out when applying for a job. The way to do this is by doing a manicurist resume perfect.

“What should a manicurist CV have?”

In the following article we will give you a complete guide on how to make your resume and what sections it should have. In addition, we will give examples that will help you understand how to write the different sections of the Curriculum vitae.

Manicurist Resume Example

Adriana Molina
Manicurist specialized in making porcelain nails
Contact information
Josep Pla Street, Barcelona, ​​Spain
[email protected]
000 000 000

Professional profile
Manicurist with 4 years of experience. I have knowledge and experience in various manicure techniques, such as acrylic nails, gel nails, and semi-permanent nail polish. However, during my career I have specialized in the preparation of the mixture between solid polymer and liquid monomer to make porcelain nails. In addition, I have the ability to maintain all types of manicures.

Spa Martina, Barcelona, ​​Spain
October 2020 – February 2022

I served a daily average of 5 clients.
Reduced the time spent on semi-permanent manicures by 15%.
I performed maintenance on gel, acrylic and porcelain nails.
I prepared a mixture between a solid polymer and a liquid monomer to perform the porcelain manicure.
Got a 95% rating from my clients.

Silvia Beauty Center, Barcelona, ​​Spain
June 2019 – September 2020

I applied treatments to strengthen the nails and for hand care.
I did semi-permanent enamel and sculpted nails.
I installed pre-made ceramic nails.

Manicurist and pedicurist assistant
Spa Millennials, Barcelona, ​​Spain
April 2018 – May 2019

Advised clients who wanted to know more about manicure services and their prices.
I billed the clients of the manicurists and pedicurists.
I made an inventory of the enamels and other manicure elements to buy what was necessary.
I applied treatments to improve the condition of the skin around the fingernails.


Higher Degree in Aesthetics and Beauty
Salvador Seguí Institute, Barcelona, ​​Spain
September 2021 – Present

Professional Nail Course
Sole Cester – Beauty Academy
November 2017 – March 2018

Professional skills

Nail strengthening treatments.
Sculpted nails.
Semi-permanent enamel.
Realization of porcelain nails.
Application of pre-made ceramic nails.
Trimming, profiling and polishing of nails.

Additional Information

Nail decoration course, Euroinnova, 2019
Certificate in hand and foot care, Live Training, 2020.

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How to make a manicurist resume?

He Curriculum vitae it is the means that the recruiter uses to form an image of you before deciding whether to interview you in person. Therefore, it is necessary that you add information with which make the reader visualize you as the perfect manicurist to fill the vacancy.

The content of your resume should be professionally and clearly presented. The tips that we encourage you to take into account when you start writing your CV are 👇

Ideally, the curriculum should be concise and the information is synthesized, so the length should not exceed two pages. To make your document look professional and attractive, use a resume template. Lies are not allowed on the resume, no matter what you consider the size of the lies to be. Be honest and you will find a job that matches your knowledge, experience and skills. No job is identical to another, so what we suggest is to adapt your CV to your profession as a manicurist. In addition, it must be personalized to the job offer to which you are applying. Before beginning to write the document, determine what are the keywords used in the description of the vacancy. When you do, be sure to include them in your Curriculum vitae.

In addition to choosing the keywords to use in your resume, before you start writing it you must choose the best format and structure.

The ideal format

When you make your CV, you can choose one of the following formats 👇

Chronological: It is focused on experience and education, when using it you have to order the dates chronologically, preferably in reverse.
Functional: It is the perfect option for those who do not have a professional career in the world of aesthetics and beauty. Its goal is for the reader to focus on the professional skills of the candidate.
Mixed: Also known as “Combined Format”, it combines the characteristics of the two formats described above.

“What is the right format for my manicurist CV?”

Our recommendation is that you decide on the mixed formatbecause both your experience and academic training as well as your skills are valuable data for the recruiter.

the best structure

The ideal structure for you Curriculum vitae is next 👇

Names and surnames, title and contact information. Professional profile. Experience. Education. Hard and soft skills. Additional Information.

Although this structure is dynamic, that is, each candidate can change taking into account their preferences, we do not recommend doing so. It is best that you keep the specified structure, since it is the predominant one.

Create the header with the necessary data

From the first moment you must make sure that you make a good impression with the writing of your resume. The first section to create is the header, in it you write your names and surnames. These must be written in the same way as on your identity document without errors.

Then create a title that describes you in a professional sense, not the document, so don’t just write “Curriculum vitae”. Instead, mention an experience or knowledge that helps you stand out.

After the title you add contact information, the main ones are the email and the telephone number. In addition, you can indicate social networks, a website and even a portfolio . A suitable example of the header is 👍


Dayana Sanz
Expert manicurist in nail leveling
Contact information
Perretagana street, Álava, Spain
[email protected]
000 000 000

This header is worded correctly, moreover, contains the appropriate contact details and a title that will be interesting for the recruiter. On the other hand, we leave you an example in which you can see an incorrect way to write the header information 👇


Marta Cortes, manicurist
Trinitat Street, Alicante, Spain; 000 000 000

The data is correct, but they are not arranged properly. A title like the one in the example is not recommended, as it is not interesting and only mentions something that is obvious, since when you apply for the job it is clear that you are a manicurist. Therefore, it is important that you highlight a strong point of your candidacy.

Describe your professional experience as a manicurist

Professional experience is a very important section, because when describing it demonstrate that you have the necessary knowledge for the job. In it you can include your jobs in beauty salons, beauty centers and even your work as an independent manicurist.

After writing the name of the position occupied, specify the following information 👇

Beauty salon or aesthetic center, if you worked independently, just write “Independent”. Start and end dates of the work period.

The following experience descriptions will guide you as you write this section of your Curriculum vitae as a manicurist 👇

Magenta beauty salon, Granada, Spain
January 2018 – May 2019

I repaired nail extensions and applied techniques to make them last longer.
I made artistic designs on the nails.
I improved the appearance of my clients’ nails using the Russian manicure.

manicurist assistant
Spa Love Yourself, Las Palmas, Spain
September 2020 – Present

I recommended nail treatments and designs to clients based on their preferences.
I did massages on clients’ hands to improve their circulation.
I removed the semi-permanent nail polish with a professional polishing machine.

March 2021 – Present

I attended a weekly average of 10 clients.
I did semi-permanent enamel.
I placed acrylic and porcelain nails.
I did gel manicure.

💡 Note: To show that you have the knowledge and experience the recruiter is looking for, list achievements, a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6. These should start with action verbs.

Write adequately about your education

To apply for a job as a manicurist, it is not mandatory that you have completed higher education related to the world of aesthetics and beauty. However, it is necessary that you have carried out a course, training or specialized workshop in manicure.

Of course, if you have taken or are taking a professional academic training in beauty and aesthetics, do not hesitate to include it in your CV. After writing the exact name of the course taken, the certificate received or the degree taken, indicate the following 👇

School. dates.

The education section is written as in the following two examples 👇

Manicure and Pedicure Course + Semi-permanent + Spa
Urban Nail Salon, La Coruña, Spain
January 2022 – March 2022

Higher Degree in Beauty and Aesthetics
Institute of Advanced Aesthetics IEA
September 2019 – July 2021

Professional Manicure Course
Nogti Nails Academy, Madrid, Spain
October 2017 – January 2018

Perfect Skills for Manicurist CV

Recruiters expect manicurists to have certain skills that help them do their jobs more efficiently. These must be both hard and soft, that is, be related to beauty and manicure services and with your ability to serve customers .

“What skills will impress the recruiter?”

Next, we list hard and soft skills perfect for your Curriculum vitae 👇

hard skills

Russian manicure. Nail leveling. nail art designs nail art. Using the professional polishing machine. Semi-permanent manicure. Realization of gel nails or acrylic nails. Massages to improve nail circulation. Knowledge of nail strengthening treatments.

Soft skills

Patience. Creativity. Concentration. Concentration. Customer Support. Attention to detail. Communicative skills. Organization and disinfection of utensils.

Create a professional profile that arouses interest in your candidacy

What would you say if the recruiter asked you to describe yourself…