Makeup Definition

The term makeup is used to designate any product or element that is used in the decoration, coloring and arrangement of a person’s facial features. Makeup is made up of various elements that fulfill specific functions and are applied to certain parts of the face in order to highlight, color, decorate or hide certain features. Makeup is today an easily accessible product, being able to get it in many businesses and establishments. However, this was not always the case since before it was a luxury element to which only the highest classes had access.

Although it may seem to us that makeup is something new, the truth is that since the time of Ancient Egypt, man used makeup to highlight or hide certain facial features. Thus, it was customary for the Egyptian pharaohs to outline their eyes in order to further highlight their power and presence. Throughout history, various social groups have used makeup for such purposes, but it was normally considered a luxury product since its price was not affordable and, moreover, its use was understood as a privilege of a few.

Today this situation has changed and anyone can get different types of makeup at various prices. Makeup is made up of items such as eye shadows, mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations and cheek colors, blemish-concealing products, glitters, nail polishes, and more. Since most of them are made from chemical compounds, it is important that the production process is reliable and of high quality.

Makeup is commonly used by women looking to add color, vitality, and beauty to their face. However, it is also used in work environments (such as television) in which its usefulness has to do with giving color to the face, illuminating it, matching impurities, etc. In this case, makeup can be applied to both men and women.