Labor Definition

Labor is understood as all those situations or elements linked in one way or another with work, the latter understood as any physical or intellectual activity that receives some type of support or remuneration within the framework of an activity or institution of a social nature.

Labor today has various meanings. It can refer, as we mentioned, to a situation made up of individuals who contribute with their efforts to the achievement of the same institutional goal, in an environment with rules, obligations and rights. But the term can also be related to the legal aspect of work, which includes those considerations, laws and regulations governed at a political level for any work situation.

For a job to be legally considered as such, there must be a contract between the individual who will offer his services and skills for the purposes of the institution and the company that will benefit from those skills. This contract regulates the conditions under which the specific work will be carried out, the term for which said contract will be in force, and the obligations of each of the parties. The most frequent case is that the part of the individual agrees to offer their services that will be remunerated by the company on a monthly basis. In turn, the contract can detail other obligations, rights and benefits for each of the parties. For example, the possibility that the employee obtains a period of recess or vacations annually.

In the most common work situations, there is a division of labourwhich contemplates the existence of different positions with different responsibilities and benefits in the same company or organization and, in general, supposes some type of Organization chart more or less vertical or horizontal.

Also and, in general, the labor aspects of each individual in a company are contemplated by a human resources area or coordination, which ideally seeks the well-being and conformity of the individual in his position in pursuit of the greatest benefit for the company. This area is usually in charge of considering the career plans of each employee in the institution, corresponding salary increases and potential promotions or relocations of personnel.