Keyboard Meaning

What is Keyboard:

The keyboard of a computer is one of the main input devices and is used to enter letters, symbols or numbers or commands that activate some type of program or a certain action.

Keyboards do not receive information, which is why they are called “input” or input because they only manage to send information. In a laptop the keyboard is built-in, however, in a desktop or table computer the keyboard is a peripheral as is the mouse.

The functionality of the keyboards is similar to that of the typewriters where each key pressed introduces a letter, symbol or number. The keyboard can also command different functions to the computer through the selection of a set of specific keys.

Keyboard types

There are several types of keyboards classified according to their shape, key arrangement and device to which they connect.

Types of keyboards according to their shape

Ergonometric keyboardWireless keyboardMultimedia keyboardFlexible keyboardBraille keyboardVirtual keyboard

Types of keyboards according to key layout

QWERTY keyboard: is the most used arrangement of letters. Its name comes from the first letters of the first row of the keyboard.
DEVORAK keyboard: Patented in 1936, it is a simpler keyboard where the vowels and symbols are on the left side and the rest on the right side. It is used more on English keyboards and is usually faster than the QWERTY model.
AZERTY keyboard: used mostly by French-speaking countries such as France and Belgium.
QWERTZ keyboard: used by countries that use German.

Types of keyboards depending on the connected device

physical keyboard– It is a separate device from the computer and can connect to different devices.
Built-in keyboard– Generally has tighter keys than a physical keyboard since it is part of a laptop.
Touch keyboard or touch: used on smartphones or smartphones and tablets, the touch keyboard is virtual whose keys are not physically available but appear on the screen as an application. There are different types of keyboards that can be downloaded to the device, such as the emoji keyboard for Android that replaces letters with emoticons.

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