Jobs for young people without experience: guide and advice – CV Sample

If you have recently graduated from high school and are looking for a job to help you financially, you are in the right article. Today we will talk about the best jobs for young people without experience and how to get them. In this way, you will have a very appropriate source of income to complement your academic studies.

Many start working in Spain at the age of 18, although it is possible to enter at 16, if you have the consent of your parents. Be that as it may, all people need to earn money, especially if they are already approaching adulthood. For this reason, we will give you some basic tips that will help you.

There are many alternatives to follow to have a constant income. It is true, perhaps the remuneration is not as large as a professional, but you will serve to start in the market.

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The ages with the easiest access to the world of work are between 31 and 35 years. This is because these citizens have already acquired sufficient training, and they are still young and energetic. Now, it is a bit more complicated for people without experience.

Despite this, there are numerous jobs for young people that may interest you, even on your vacation. After all, all professionals, regardless of their application branch, started from something simple. The jobs we will describe will be a great source of support for gain experiencewhich will be very useful to you in the future.

Best jobs for inexperienced youth

Obviously, you cannot aspire to an important position in a renowned company, especially if your educational background is only high school. Actually, we’ll be talking about jobs for 18-year-olds who They want to continue furthering their studies.

They are part-time jobs They do not require many hours or too much demand. As a consequence, they will not be a burden to enhance educational training while you work.

Pay attention to the following options:

Warehouse waiter

It is an ideal position for people who do not have a notable career history. And it is that you do not need much preparation to be able to attend a warehouse. It is only a matter of having organization and order to manage inventory, lift loads, and accommodate packages.

📌Tip: Analyze the job offer before applying. In some cases, a driver’s license is requested to be a logistics operator. It’s also a good idea to talk about your important skills.


If you are an applied student, private classes are a great option to work. Can teaching children, study partners, doing test preparations, among others. Evaluate what your strengths are and how you can take advantage of them.

In the same sense, if you have skills for music, drawing or any other art, you also have the opportunity to promote yourself. there will always be someone who wants acquire knowledge in a personalized way.


One of the most sought after jobs for inexperienced youth, because virtually no academic skills are needed. just have to be energetic, funny and responsible to be with the little ones at home. The advantage of this job is that it is easy to find in your own neighborhood, talking to your friends and family.

There are also numerous internet sites where these types of vacancies are offered.


You might think that this is one of the easiest jobs for 18-year-olds to execute. However, the truth is that being a waiter takes its technique, although the good thing is that too much experience is not vital either. try to submit a waiter resume to a small restaurant and present yourself as a candidate.

The benefit of being a waiter is that apart from the salary you will also receive tips. In addition, with the passage of time you will gain experience, which will open the doors for you to work in a hotel or renowned or in more important establishments within the world of hospitality.


One of the most popular jobs for the first work experience, so much so that most of the workers are young. Normally, this type of work entails a high turnover in the staff. Work few hours and sometimes it can even be done from home.

Walk dogs

If you like animals and want to get some extra money, you will like this job. Walking dogs takes little time, helps you relax, exercise and reap financial benefits.

Delivery man

If you already have a moped license, an interesting position is to be a delivery person. There are many options, from taking food at home to delivering parts in workshops. Much of the people buy online and want to receive the products at home.

advertising delivery man

One of the classic jobs for young people without experience, which has been somewhat diminished due to the digital age. Yet they still exist companies that use physical resources to promote themselves. Go to one of them and bring your cover letter.

How to get a job at 18

As we already mentioned, the Average working age in Madrid exceeds 30 years, so it is not so easy to find a vacancy for your profile. However, there are some practical suggestions that will be very useful for your CV:

Highlight your training. Companies highly value the education you’ve received, even if it’s just high school. Talk about your most important achievements, GPA, certifications or awards.
Mention your skills. You have no experience, but you do have enough skills for a job. Indicate in your curriculum vitae your most outstanding skills.
Show yourself with initiative. Make yourself known as a person who wants to learn and move up in the professional world. Let the recruiter know that you really want the position and that you will do your best.

💡Note: There are many and each one requires energetic people in some sectors. This is where you enter as a young person, so you must be attentive to each vacancy.

Now, here are some tips to keep the momentum going in your job search:

Sign up for the right job offers

Companies receive many applications daily, so it is not convenient to present yourself in a company for which you do not qualify. Analyze the offer, the job position and the tasks you are going to perform. So you will not have unnecessary frustrations.

be safe

If you are called for a job interview, it is essential that you present yourself with poise, firmness and security. As a result, you will excel at recruiting, showing recruiters that you are capable.

develop flexibility

Do not have a closed mind to any job, much less if your career is not your strongest point. On the contrary, you must be open to all job opportunities. They may not fit your requirements at first, but they do count as experience.

cultivate patience

If you are too hasty, you might be disappointed or make a bad decision. Finding a job takes time and requires dedication, so keep searching with effort and patience. Do not get tired if you do not get good results, nor do you accept the first vacancy that is offered to you.

tips: Even if you have little or no experience, you should always bring a resume. The CV helps to introduce yourself to the recruiter and demonstrate your good qualities.

Where can you work at 18?

Jobs for inexperienced youth tend to be part-time. Therefore, it is possible combine academic training with other activities that leave economic remuneration.

Among the most successful sites to look for employment are the following:

mechanical workshops. Doing repairs and assembly is a great way to earn money if you’re good with your hands. Bring your resume and a cover letter to get started as an apprentice.
Fast-food restaurants. They are places where they usually hire young people, since they are fast and energetic. In addition, they work as a team and offer a good customer service.
Department store. They open vacancies in Christmas campaigns, sales, summer, among others. They are a good work option for students.

Work at the University

If the objective of working is to help you in your academic training, it would be much more practical to get a job in the same educational institution. There are universities that, apart from preparing you professionally, They help you gain experience.

There is university job advertisements where campus guide, library monitors, laboratory assistants, administration are requested, among other positions that suit your schedule.

Online work: perfect for young people without experience

The best resource that young people without work experience have today is the internet. There are various online platforms where you can find a job very easily. Of course, it is also important Upload your resume to let recruiters know you.

You will come across multiple modalities to choose from and the most popular are the following:


Every web page you see on the internet needs someone to write the content. If you are skilled with writing and have a computer, web writing and copywriting are waiting for you. Technology, health, social welfare, internet salesThere are thousands of portals that talk about different topics that you will like.


If you are an expert in another language, or at least dominate the language, your translation services will be well received. Of course, they will also be correctly paid, as long as you apply on the correct page. In fact, the translation is better paid than writingIn most cases.

online classes

We already talked a little about private classes, although here we will refer to the online modality. It is not necessary that you leave your house nor that you receive a student in it. With a camcorder is more than enough to impart your knowledge to other people in any city.


It’s one of the riskiest businesses out there, but if you get the hang of it, you’ll probably make good money in the business. The purchase and sale of shares It is gaining more and more importance in the online world.

Create web pages

Don’t be scared with this job, because everything is much easier these days. You don’t even have to know programming, since there are many applications that allow you to create web pages without having knowledge of code. It only takes imagination to develop attractive websites for the public.

Pages to search for remote work

There are more and more platforms where you can upload your cover letter and resume. These are some of the most outstanding to obtain own clients:

📌Tip: You can also try applying on social media. These portals have become great marketing and business centers. Leave your email in the profile.

Tips for finding your first job

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