Jobs for chemical engineers with and without experience

In Spain there are around 1.3 million people dedicated to IDI (research, development and innovation). This represents a total of 8% of related professionals from the entire European continent. Now, the chemical engineering career is among one of the most difficult.

Fortunately, you have already mastered it and are ready to exercise your skills as a professional. If you try the following alternatives, you will have guaranteed success.

Employment Statistics for Chemical Engineers

As we already mentioned, chemical engineering is one of the most complicated and, therefore, one of the least studied. In fact, computer science, industrial and mechanical majors are more popular, because there are more job offers. In any case, chemistry is present in practically all sectors, including PRL (occupational risk prevention).

For example, it is estimated that 75% of pharmaceutical companies and 74% of the healthcare industry plan to make new hires. They are companies where chemical engineering is directly involved, so this is your opportunity.

Note✒️: To increase the chances of obtaining a position in a company, presenting a good curriculum vitae is essential. It is the document that makes you known as a professional and will help you make the best first impression.

Best Jobs for Chemical Engineers

A chemical engineer has an average annual salary of approximately 36,800 euros gross 💰. Therefore, it represents an income of more than 53% of the average salary of Spanish workers, specifically around more than 12,700 euros. 💰. After all, so many years of study, effort and dedication They should be rewarded with a good economic remuneration.

Of course, depending on the company, it is possible that the salary increases considerably. It also depends on type of work and position that you are going to practice

For this reason, we invite you to pay attention to the following employment options to which you can apply as a candidate, either physically on the web:

food analyst

It is not a secret that the foods are full of chemical ingredients which are essential for health. In addition, the food industry is one of the most important globally. There are hundreds of tons of food ready to be cooked and eaten, but first it must all go through a rigorous inspection process.

Therefore, all companies that work in this industry are looking for trained personnel in the branch. If you want to become a chemical engineer, becoming familiar with food regulations is vital. So you can participate directly in the development of new, more sustainable items and? promote health.

Chemistry also has a direct bearing on durability, flavor and texture of the products.

Pharmaceutical Content Researcher

Few industries use both chemistry and pharmacology, since their ingredients are essential for the production of products. They are strictly related to health and there are thousands of substances that must be produced year after year.

In this situation, a profile as a chemical engineer is essential, so much so that without these professionals the industry would practically not exist. There are national and international companies that are dedicated to pharmaceutical research.

Apart from having a good economic income, you will also contribute to saving lives and improving the health of thousands of people🎁.

Inspector at cosmetic company

One of the most interesting jobs for chemical engineers and one that is increasingly in demand. Everybody knows that cosmetics have become essential products, both for girls and boys. Of course, applying these products to the face or other parts of the body sometimes causes allergic reactions.

Your job as a chemical engineer is to evaluate each product to find out how it affects the body. You will also be in charge of developing formulas, balms, creams and beauty substances, prevention and treatment. For example, makeup, deodorants, soap, shampoo, among others.

Environmental Sample Analyst

Every day humanity puts more effort into making the industry sustainable and healthier for the environment. Much attention has also been given to the preservation of ecosystems and all their living organisms. Even so, it still hasn’t been enough to stop, or at least slow, the deterioration of our home, Earth.

In this sense, chemical engineers are highly valued, since they know the molecular structure of nature. The purpose of these professionals is to design, implement and analyze sustainable measures for life.

You will put your grain of sand to continue extending human, animal and plant life.

Chemical engineer in biotechnology processes

Biotechnology is a science that is still not very well known and is relatively new. However, it is of great importance for the development of society. The combination of technological elements with biology It is used to positively impact the longevity and health of living beings.

As a chemical engineer you will manipulate, identify, alter, and combine microorganisms of nature to develop products. They can be medicines, cosmetics, food, among others. Actually, it is a job that is linked to all the previous ones.

Interesting fact💡: Biotechnology is considered one of the careers of the future. This is because it is constantly evolving and more and more methods are being implemented that favor the development of society.

How to improve your professional profile in industrial chemistry

If you want to improve your chances of get a job for chemical engineer, you must enhance your professional profile. It is not a matter of just going to a company and indicating that you want a job. Apart from your academic training, you have to develop skills and abilities as an expert.

This is classified in soft skills and abilities hard, and the combination of both will give your profile great appeal👍.

Soft skills

They refer to skills that are not explicitly related to your career, but are important as a professional. They are those that serve all workers, regardless of their field of application. Among them are the following:

Solving individual and group problems Creativity, an essential trait for engineers Constantly updating Manual skills Good communication and interaction with other people Management, planning and organization

hard skills

Unlike the previous ones, these abilities are directly linked to your profession. These are essential skills for chemical engineering. Some of the most interesting are the following:

Design of chemical projects Development, calculation and assembly Technology research Production control Computer aided design Application of the scientific field Knowledge of regulations Commitment to the environment

Advice📌: It is a good idea to dedicate a section of your CV to talk about both types of skills. Let recruiters see that you are the right person for the job.

Tips for Finding Jobs for Chemical Engineers

The job search itself is already an engineering challenge. You must create great ideas and plan strategies to find a job that suits your profile. Here are some additional tips to help you get started in the world of work:👇

analyze the market. Every good engineer evaluates numerous factors when implementing his knowledge in a certain sector. The same thing must be done in the labor market to identify job offers and know how to attack them.
Have continuous training. Do not limit yourself to acquiring engineering, because the world is in an evolution that never ends. If you do not acquire new knowledge on a regular basis, it is possible that you will be outdated.
Weave a network of contacts. Communication with other people is paramount in a world where everyone is connected. You can attend events, participate in associations, use social networks and use internet pages.
Be open minded. Be clear about your objectives, but do not stop being flexible and give opportunities to different offers.
Create a good resume. The CV is your letter of introduction and what will cause the best first impression in the personnel selection process.

Take advantage of the vacancies for chemical engineer

The time has come to introduce yourself to a company and make yourself known as the ideal candidate. The chemical engineering has a bright future, especially if you keep in constant training. It is a branch that will be present in society forever, since we are organisms made up of chemical elements.

Finally, we recommend you visit our resume template catalog. Here you can find a model that suits your profile and serves as a cover letter. It is what will increase the chances of being hired.