Induction Definition

According to the use that is given to it the word induction contains various references. In its broadest sense, induction is the incitement or instigation for someone to do something, deploy a certain action. On the other hand, in the realm of logic is called inductive reasoning to the method of non-deductive reasoning that consists in obtaining general conclusions from premises that contain particular data. For example, if one repeatedly observes objects or events that more or less present the same nature, a conclusion will be established for all of them.

In this same context we can find the full induction principleas it is called the reasoning that allows the demonstration of a significant number of propositions or a proposition to a type of reasoning where the conclusions obtained are simply probable.

In the case of the mathematical inductionit is a particular situation, since it goes from the general to the particular and its conclusions turn out to be necessary.

For him electromagnetismthe branch of Physics that studies electrical and magnetic phenomena as if they were one, Induction is a phenomenon through which an electromotive force is generated in a body when it is exposed to a magnetic field..

Meanwhile, for another of the branches of Physics, electrostaticsinduction is also a phenomenon but by which an electrically charged body produces an induced electrostatic charge in another but with the opposite sign, a situation that increases the attraction.

On the other hand, p.For embryology, induction is what marks the beginning of an ontogenetic change or process..

Likewise, in medicine, the term presents a reference, the drug induction by a barbiturateFor example, the induction of labor with the aim of facilitating the expulsion of the fetus that for some reason is stuck.

Another area in which the use of the term is also recurrent is in the lawIn this context, induction is one of the ways of participating in the crime along with the necessary cooperation, complicity and any other form of attempted participation.