How to write the professional summary in the curriculum

Believe it or not, some people miss this brief description in the document, which is a serious mistake. In the same way, there are others who do not give it due importance, despite being one of the sections with the most impact in the personnel selection process. For this reason, today we will teach you how to do it effectively so that your resume is spectacular.

In the world of work, it is well known that a recruiter only takes 6 seconds to decide whether to continue reading or discard a resume. And since the professional summary is one of the first sections to read, it must be written with dedication. It is what will help you get that job you are looking for so much.

What is the professional summary in the CV? (And why it can make a difference when looking for a job)

A professional summary on your resume, also known as a professional profile, is a short statement about yourself. It is a short paragraph, about 4 to 6 lines, that objectively explains who you are. As its name indicates, it is a summary of your career which reflects experience, skills, training and your strongest points.

It is a description that is placed at the beginning of your curriculum vitae, after your contact information, and serves as appetizers for the rest of the content. You’re probably wondering how to fit so much information into a single paragraph, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

So that you understand it a little better, imagine that you want to watch a movie, but you don’t know what it is about. Well, a good idea is to read the synopsis, which, like the professional profile, is a small paragraph that explains the plot of the film. Therefore, the professional summary becomes a introduction of the script that you are going to develop in your CV.

⚠️Warning: Do not use the same professional summary for every resume format you are going to send. Each job position is different, so you must tailor your presentation to the job offer.

How to write the professional profile of your CV

Before you start writing the professional summary on the resume, remember something important: is an introduction to all content. Therefore, it is not appropriate for you to explain your entire career in this paragraph.

This means that you must choose only the most relevant data for the job in question. Without waiting for them to read your entire resume, you’ll get the hiring manager’s interest.

To write a successful professional summary, you must include the following:

The presentation

Start with something that describes your professional profile, preferably a phrase that captures attention from the first moment. There are several ways to achieve this, but the most common are the following:

Put your technical title. For example, doctor in…, graduate of…, engineer in…, etc.
Write last exercised category. That is, specialist, manager, manager, secretary, manager, among others.

The development

It consists of the body of the professional summary in the curriculum and in which you will have more possibilities to enhance your profile. You must choose the most impressive data for the job offer, analyzing your strengths throughout your career. Some of the most recommended options are the following:

Most important positions Years of experience Professional sector Academic training Specializations Positions of responsibility Soft and hard skills and abilities Companies where you worked Measurable achievements

📌tips: If you feel that the professional summary falls short to describe your entire profile, do not worry. You can complement the curriculum vitae with a cover letter and deepen the information about yourself.

Keywords in your description

The keywords are the ones that will enhance your summary in the resume. They are about phrases used in the job offerspecifically in the requirements to aspire to the position.

For example, imagine that an administrative assistant with document writing skills has opened up. Mentioning your communication skills and writing skills in the abstract will make you a better candidate.

Look at what HR is requesting and use keywords to highlight the most important thing about your profile and how it fits the vacancy.

When to use the professional summary in the resume

Using a professional profile to introduce your resume is the best option if you have extensive experience. If you already have a track record of more than five years, it is a good idea to use this resource. so you can highlight your responsibilities, achievements and results most relevant in your career.

If you don’t, your resume will have less appeal and you won’t start off on the right foot. In fact, the extract is one of the first sections recruiters look at when reading a CV.

When is it better to avoid it?

If you look at the requirements to make a professional summary in the curriculum, you will notice that the most important thing is the experience. Trajectory, achievements, quantifiable data, something that only someone with years in the labor market can achieve. So, you may be wondering what to do in this situation.

The answer is very simple: do not use a professional profile. There is an alternative for recent graduates or people with no experience, and it is known as professional objective. Its purpose is the same: to explain who you are and why your candidacy is the best.

Unlike the abstract, the professional objective is not focused on your careerbut in your skills and abilities.

✒️Note: Do you want to know more about this section? Be sure to check out our article on the career objective that explains how to write it perfectly to stand out, even without experience.

Examples of professional profile

Now that you have the base for create a good professional summaryNow is the time to apply the theory. You may think that there are many steps to follow in order to write a successful section. Now, if you look at the following template, you’ll see that it won’t take long either:

Administrative assistant with 10 years of experience in large and small companies. I am a specialist in strategic planning and the implementation of technological resources. Over the years, it has increased productive performance by 15% in 5 companies. I have a degree in business administration with a master’s degree in resource management and I am currently studying for a doctorate in economic sustainability.

In a few lines, this candidate explains everything a recruiter needs to know in the personnel selection process. If you notice, follow the order that we have established. He makes a short presentation mentioning something important about their positions and then develops the information further.

Taking this template as a base, we leave other examples so that you do not miss any detail:

Correct templates for your professional profile

Remember that before writing a professional summary in the resume, you must analyze the job offer. Check out how the following applicants do it in their descriptions:

Open position: Sales assistant with digital skills


Sales representative with 7 years of experience in the commercial world, specialist in the telecommunications sector. I have perfect development with CRM programs, which has helped me attract more than 3,000 new clients in more than 6 companies throughout my career. I offer a warm treatment to the consumer, I manage the client portfolio and apply innovative digital marketing techniques.

Notice that this candidate uses a good presentation and a simple, but effective development. Also, use keywords throughout the content, such as telecommunications, CRM programs, and digital marketing.

Why are those little phrases powerful? Because they are a requirement in the open vacancy, and the applicant has known how to take advantage of them.

Do you want to see another example? You will surely like this:

Open vacancy: Programmer


Computer engineer with more than 8 years of experience in online software programming. I developed the virtual platform of the Central Bank of Spain, increasing user satisfaction by 35%. I have created more than 30 web pages throughout my career with a minimum user traffic of 10,000 visits per day. I have deep knowledge in C++, Python, HTML and Java. I am currently studying a master’s degree in application and video game development.

What do you think? If you are looking for a programmer, this candidate would undoubtedly be one of the most convenient. If you evaluate the open vacancy, no specific skill is required. For this reason, the applicant decides to talk about several of the most important aspects of his career, but in a summarized way.

Examples of what not to do

Although it is true that the previous presentations are perfect, you cannot stay only with them. It is also important that you see how not to make the professional summary in the resume. In this way, you will know what to avoid so as not to make your extract less attractive.

We will take the same previous candidates as a reference, but this time without writing their profile well:

Open position: sales assistant with digital skills


Sales representative with a lot of experience, expert in different sectors of the industry. I can get by with numerous methods and strategies to boost sales in a company. I have helped various companies throughout my career and all of them have been very satisfied. I like dealing with customers and making them feel at home so that they come back to buy.

It is true, the candidate has very good intentions and a lot of motivation to work. But how do you see this presentation? First of all, it does not mention any quantifiable data, percentages or important achievements. Everything is narrated in a very general way, and for this reason it is felt that the extract lacks weight.

On the other hand, do not use the keywords that boost your profile for the job offer. If a recruiter compares this presentation to the good example above, who would win? Undoubtedly, the one who started the CV by writing his extract well.

Now look at the mistakes the second candidate would make:

Open vacancy: programmer


Computer engineer with eight years of experience in all types of programming. I have developed software, virtual platforms, online applications and worked in electronic banking. In fact, I was in charge of creating the online platform of the Central Bank of Spain, where users have been 95% satisfied. I use more than 10 programming languages, but my specialties are in C++, Python, HTML and Java. With them I have been able to create more than 30 web pages related to sales, marketing, online stores, blogs, among others. My pages are responsive, fast and fully optimized. This is another of my virtues: the ability to enhance the performance of a web page.

What is the error in this professional profile in the CV? Wanting to cover a lot of information in a section that is precisely called summary. The candidate, instead of…