How to start a cover letter professionally

Now many wonder how to start a cover letter to captivate interest from the first moment. And it is that if you do not write in an objective, precise and motivating way, it is unlikely that your letter will produce good results.

If you want to present yourself as a great professional, keep in mind all the tips that we will explain in this guide. In this way, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates and you will have a better chance of winning an interview.

And how to start a cover letter? Know the structure

The beginning of a cover letter is divided into three sections:

the header. A section that has the purpose of detailing personal and contact information.
The greeting. A short phrase to break the ice in a polite way.
The introduction. This is your presentation, in which you make yourself known as a professional.

Each of them should be optimally written so that the recruiter can tell from the first glance that you are a top-notch candidate.

Write a professional headline

The first step is to format the header properly, so that it all information is easy to read . Here you will place your personal data, the name of the company, address, email, telephone number and the data of the recruiter.

It is important that you maintain order, and for this you have these tips:

Align your personal data to the right of the document. Align recruiter data to the left of the page. Write the name and position of the selector. Include the completion date.

As you can see, it is quite simple, and everything would be in the following style:

Roberto Gonzalez Pineda

accounting clerk

1897, Avila, 787, Madrid

Phone: 555 555 555

E-mail: [email protected]

Jose Segovia Castro

Head of human resources

Carrillo Valero & Associates

9877, North, Madrid

As of August 3, 2021

The best phrases to greet in your cover letter

After creating the header, which is practically as easy as filling out a form, the real time has come to start cover letter . The following consists of greeting in a professional, cordial and friendly manner, three qualities that you must maintain in the rest of the document.

Here are some tips to help you do it correctly:

Use a short and polite sentence, preferably a few words. Address the recruiter directly by name and in a friendly manner. Put a colon (:) and leave a one-line space to start writing.

After applying these tips, you will be able to write sentences like the following:

Dear Carlos. Cordial greetings, appreciated José. Dear Martha.

In case you cannot find the name of the recruiter, write the job position he holds, such as the following:

Head of human resources. Selection manager. Head of the administration department.

📌tips: Analyze the job offer in depth or research the company’s web portal to find out the name of the recruiter. You can also call the company directly to request the corresponding information.

Phrases we do not recommend

As you have realized, the best thing you can do to say hello is to go for the simple and the classic. So whatever is very flattering, extravagant or informal has to be ruled out.

Avoid the following:

My dearest John. Most excellent and appreciated Esther. To whom she may concern. Please read. Hello. I hope she is very well.

As you can see, there are more common phrases that you should discard than those that are really effective. And there are more ways to be wrong than to do it right. Remember: the traditional is the most effective to greet .

The first paragraph: vital to captivate the coach

Everyone knows that no one forgets the first impression, and for that the opening paragraph is essential in your cover letter. It will be the first thing the recruiter will see about you, and whether your letter is successful or is discarded depends on this section.

Keep in mind that if you do not create enough interest from the first line, the recruiter You won’t feel like reading on.

Although there is no formula to start a cover letter, you can use these suggestions:

Adapt the introduction to the company. The job offer explains what the company’s needs are, and that is where you have to focus. Show yourself objective from the first line so that the recruiter does not find irrelevant information.
Explain the reason for your letter. Although it may seem obvious, it is important that you clarify that you are writing the letter because you want to apply for a job offer. Keep it short and be to the point at all times.
Provide valuable data. For example, your experience, quantifiable numbers, previous responsibilities or achievements. This way the recruiter will know that he is dealing with a professional who has something important to offer.
Put the focus on the company. Although you should talk about yourself, the most important thing is that you meet the needs of the vacancy.

⚠️Careful: Don’t write all your accomplishments, skills, or track record in the first paragraph, as this section is just an appetizer for the body of the document. Later you will have the opportunity to go deeper.

Types of approaches to the first paragraph

Before you start, you should know that there are different methods to make a good first impression:

Focus on achievements and experience. It is the easiest and most used of all, since you only have to explain some relevant information about your professional career. You can also mention some of your most interesting skills.
Put enthusiasm and passion. If you like the company and the vacant position, make your aspirations clear to the recruiter, as this will assess your motivation and give you an opportunity.
contact networks. Perhaps you know someone at the company where you are applying for a job. If so, you can mention it in your cover letter, which shows that you have solid contacts, a quality of a good professional.
creativity and humor. It’s a bit of a riskier option, but if you take the right approach, it yields great results.

Correct examples of how to start the cover letter

Regardless of the style you are going to follow for the opening paragraph, we leave you some example templates adapted to different profiles that will be very useful:

presentation for lawyer


I have seen an open vacancy for a tax attorney at the Nueva Esperanza law firm. I think that my legal skills and knowledge, with more than 10 years of experience in the sector, are adequate to the needs of the company. I have dealt with claims, defenses and procedures of more than 350 clients, of which 95% have been satisfied.

This lawyer explains the reason for the letter, mentions his experience and some very impressive quantifiable achievements. Surely the recruiter will want to keep reading to find out what else he has to offer.

As you can see, it uses a classic, sober and professional presentation.

Presentation for sales agent


Fantasy is a company that I admire very much, and when I saw a vacancy available I was very excited, because now I can be part of their staff. I like that the franchise demonstrates commitment and dedication to the customer to offer them a personalized experience. I have the same philosophy, and that is why I present my candidacy.

Motivation and enthusiasm, two key qualities in a cover letter , and that are correctly manifested by this candidate. In addition, it subtly flatters the company, something that is always very good for the person in charge of personnel selection.

Presentation for digital marketing


I recently had a work meeting with Carlos Martínez, a sales representative of your company. He has told me about the vacancy available for Social Media Manager, and from that moment he has captured my interest. I have worked in 15 different companies in my 3 years of experience, and in all of them I have increased the number of followers on social networks by at least 30%.

A combination of the classic method, talking about experience and achievements, with the use of contact networks. Come on, when the recruiter sees that one of his best employees trusts a candidate, it is much more likely that he will take it into account.

Presentation for delivery man


I recently wanted a pizza, but realized that the store I liked did not have a portal to order online, which has led to a bad taste in my mouth. On that occasion I realized the importance of delivery men for restaurants, and when I saw the vacancy that your business has opened, I told myself that it is the perfect opportunity to get a job and enjoy food.

A presentation that is out of the ordinary, but that seeks to create closeness with the recruiter. And being a small, family business with very good vibes, this candidate may make the coach smile.

Presentation for IT


Software engineer with 5 years of experience developing desktop and mobile phone applications. I am fluent in HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript, all these languages ​​with a certification granted by the National University of Spain. I have created the web portal of the European International Bank, which is capable of receiving up to 3 million users simultaneously.

Another very descriptive first paragraph, effective and motivating to continue reading. You can choose any of these templates to adjust them to your profile and show the best of you.

⚠️Careful: don’t limit yourself to just copy and paste the information, because our purpose is to help you create personalized presentations to your profile. Write the first paragraph from scratch.

Examples of how not to start the cover letter

The first paragraph is the most important of the entire structure, and therefore, if it has errors, they will condition the rest of the content. Look at the following bad examples so you don’t make bad presentations:


I have several years of experience in computing, as well as knowledge of different programming languages, including HTML. I currently offer database maintenance services and I have several responsibilities in a private company.

Other than knowing how to use HTML, there is no other data of value, not even a quantifiable figure. And even though he says that he has important responsibilities in a company, he doesn’t detail them, so all the information is of little relevance.


I would love to be a part of Fantasy because I think it is the best company in selling cosmetic products. Since I was little I have loved the company and all their items are top notch. I would like to exercise my skills in one of the most outstanding companies of all time.

What is the problem with this introduction? Excessive flattery to the company, which is in poor taste. The recruiter will realize that all the candidate wants is to curry favor with her, but this is not the way to go.


Carlos Castillo has recommended me for the position of Social Manager in his…