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As its own web portal indicates, this company serves more than 5.5 million homes, who place their trust in them. The company was founded in 1977, and is currently one of the most important in the country. At the same time, it has become a very attractive source of employment for different profiles.

With all this said, the time has come to present yourself as one of the best candidates for the franchise. For this reason, we will detail what requirements you must meet to access and what is the most appropriate profile to aspire to one of Mercadona’s positions.

Employment statistics at Mercadona

This company has more than 1,600 stores distributed throughout the country, in addition to another 20 in Portugal. Therefore, there are many establishments where you can present your candidacy. In the end, it is not a secret that the supermarkets always require large staff to meet all customer needs.

On the other hand, according The vanguard, the president of the company aspires to continue expanding the supermarkets in the national territory. And as you can imagine, new food outlets mean many more sources of employment.

And how much do they pay to work at Mercadona?

The large supermarket chain has been characterized by offering low prices to all its consumers. Well then, do not think that they have the same policy for salaries, since they also stand out for their good salary. According to The Economistthe average earnings of workers is as follows:

Newly hired earn about 💰1265 euros per month Three years of experience earn 💰1360 euros net Four or more years of seniority earn around 💰1500 euros

However, this would only be the base salary, because apart from that the workers enjoy benefits, bonuses and extra pay. All this means that the average salary of the employees is more or less about 1800 euros per month.

How to send your CV to Mercadona

Mercadona is a company that is constantly expanding, and therefore multiple job offers are frequently opened. Now you should know that Juan Roig, president of the company, does not hire just any candidate, but to the one that meets your expectations. This is where the curriculum becomes an indispensable document.

These are the steps you must follow to send your resume to Mercadona:👇

Access the official Mercadona website Go to the section know us
Click on Employment and then in Job vacancies
Create an account using an email and password Enter your personal data Search for a job that suits your profile Click on the option Request in the corners on the right Fill in the forms Click again on Request

After this, you will only have to wait for human resources to contact you. As you can see, the procedure is very simple and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

✒️Note: Although you can create a CV online from the platform, it is advisable to attach a personalized CV. In our section of CV examples you will be able to find several attractive models that will help you enhance your profile.

What are the requirements to work at Mercadona?

One of the most important advantages offered by this supermarket chain is that does not ask for many requirements. In reality, there are offers available for people of all types of backgrounds, experience, and even ages. You just have to comply with the following:

Being over 18 years old Compulsory secondary education Living in the province of the vacancy in question Time availability from Monday to Saturday

In general, work experience is not required, as long as you are applying for a position as store boy or stocker. On the other hand, for more technical positions, related to marketing, design and software development, you will need more academic training and experience.

💡Interesting fact: In a study published by ABC, 56% of new vacancies at Mercadona are filled by workers under 30 years of age. Its supermarkets are a good source of employment for young people without experience.

And what is the appropriate profile?

The human value of the workers is one of the aspects that most concerns the large supermarket chain. It is important that you provide a warm treatment, that you are close to customers and that you join the environment Pleasant and nice workers.

An ideal profile would be the following:👍

Have the gift of people Have a very good presence Be able to work in a team Have flexible hours

Other aspects related to cash management, accounting and finance could boost your profile to work at Mercadona.

What are the benefits that this supermarket can offer?

Now that you know how easy it is to send your CV to Mercadona, you may be wondering why do it. After all, there are many other supermarkets where the requirements are more or less the same. However, Mercadona provides you benefits that make this option much more attractive.

First of all, there are their good salaries, even with no experience or in your first year with the company. But not everything is summed up in money, since there are other very interesting advantages:👍

Permanent contracts from the first day Maternity leave for a period of 7 weeks Reduced hours until the minor reaches 12 years of age Partial contract until the young person turns 15 Training courses Good work environment

What types of jobs can be found at Mercadona?

When sending your CV to Mercadona, it is important that you apply for the indicated job position. There are different positions, and for each there are different requirements. As we already mentioned, the more technical the vacancy, the greater the demands of recruiters.

Among the most common job offers are the following:

Supermarket staff Delivery man Night stocker Warehouse worker Refrigerator

As for the higher-ranking jobs, you will see the following vacancies, although less frequently:

Computer Designer Risk Prevention Technician Automation Technician Medical Architect Purchasing Manager

The truth is that the company needs professionals in practically all areas. If you feel that you meet the right profile to work for, do not hesitate to present your candidacy.

How to work at Mercadona

Although you already know how to send your CV to Mercadona, it is not just a matter of attaching your CV and receiving the call the next day. The truth is you must put effort and dedicationas well as objectivity, when applying.

Mercadona is present everywhere, including cyberspace, so this is a good place to start to look for a job. Portals such as Infojobs and social networks such as LinkedIn provide information related to open vacancies.

In any case, as we already mentioned, the best thing to do is to search for a job directly from your web platform. Although this procedure is simple, there are some points that you should keep in mind.

Analyze the company

Before accessing the job offers section, take some time to read the different sections of the web portal. so you’re going to learn more about how the company works, what is his philosophy and his level of hierarchy. Evaluating the company is essential to be able to adjust your resume to a job position.

In the same sense, it will help you prepare for an interview in the future.

Adjust the filters

After the above, access the job offers and you will see a wide variety of vacancies available. Even so, the most abundant of all interact with supermarket staff. It is the type of work most requested, and also for which more workers are required.

Use keywords, choose your province, the type of working hours and the type of contract, in addition to other options. Filtering the job search will help you find a job vacancy that suits your needs.

Analyze the description

All job offers, even for the same position, are different, so don’t overlook the description. There you will be explained in more detail what type of tasks you are going to perform, what the requirements are and sometimes even the total salary.

Additional tips for your candidacy

Sending your CV to Mercadona is one of the best alternatives if you are a young person with no experience, recently graduated from ESO or are looking for a complementary job. If you really want to succeed in your mission, these additional tips will be very useful:

Create a personalized resume. If you just fill out the form on the supermarket’s website, you will have the same resume as all the candidates. Remember that the platform allows you to attach a file, and your original CV must go there.
Attach a presentation letter. This document is very practical to delve deeper into your profile and make yourself known as an excellent worker. Explain more about who you are, what are your qualities, skills and competencies. You can also attach it on the web.
Prepare the interview in advance. If you have captured the interest of recruiters, in no time you will receive a call from human resources. The objective will be to arrange an interview, for which you will have to prepare. Think of an answer in advance for each question.
Adapt your CV to each vacancy. You don’t need the same skills to be a stock clerk as to be a cashier or carrier. Highlight the most important thing on your resume for each job offer. This way you will have a better chance of being hired.
Use the PDF format. When sending your resume online to companies, the PDF format is the most appropriate. It is an unalterable file and it does not suffer modifications when it is attached to any web page. Do not use the Word file, as it could present major flaws.

📌tips: Check out our article on how to write a resume for a supermarket. It will help you to know which are the most important points to work in these establishments, which includes Mercadona.

The key points to work at Mercadona

In short, working at Mercadona is a very good alternative for young people, people without experience and those who are looking for a simple and well-paid job. What are the most important aspects? In this article you saw the following:

You can present your application through their website, without leaving your home The average salary is 1800 euros, well above the Spanish minimum No professional background or advanced academic studies are necessary There are many vacancies available and numerous job offers You get multiple additional benefits, beyond money

If you have already convinced yourself, don’t wait any longer to send your CV to Mercadona. And if you really want to succeed, don’t forget to take a look at our catalog of CV templates. We have the best resume templatesso choose one that suits your profile.

Frequently asked questions about Mercadona

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