How to send your CV to AhorraMas – CV Sample

Currently, some 10,000 people work in this supermarket, occupying a wide variety of positions and new job offers are constantly published.

if you are planning send resume to AhorraMas, you should know that you can do it through the internet. In order to save time and apply the right way, it is important that you know the steps to follow. Here we take care of explaining them.

In this article we tell you what is the process to send your CV to this supermarket chain. In addition, we give you some information that you should know before applying for a job at AhorraMas.

Send your resume to AhorraMas: Step by step

Recently, the supermarket’s website updated its format, due to this, the steps to send the resume to AhorraMas have changed. However, just like a few months ago, take the CV it’s simpleyou only need to spend a few minutes to complete the procedure.

So that it is not difficult for you to send the curriculum, it is essential that you know what the exact steps to applyare the following 👇

Enter the official AhorraMas website

Relevant information is published on the website of the famous supermarket chain in Spain. Clients have the opportunity to learn about the offers on products and more, but not all sections are aimed at AhorraMas shoppers.

Within the web portal there is a top bar in which several options appear, place the cursor on know us. When the menu is broken down, Choose Work with us.

It is also valid that you click on know us, at that moment you are sent to another section. In it you just have to press Work with usyou are like that redirected to the same section as when following the process explained in the previous paragraph.

Search available job offers

When you access the section Work with us You read a message that the job portal is under development. Right there you are advised search for job offers on InfoJobs and LinkedIn, these are the pages in which the supermarket has profiles. Click on the link of the employment page where you have a profile.

In both websites the search is done in the same way. On the home pages you write the company name and location in which you prefer the available jobs to be. Then click Look for (InfoJobs) or in Employment (Linked In). When the search is complete, you see all the offers that the company has published.

⚠️ Reminder: It will not always be necessary to apply through InfoJobs and LinkedIn, surely the job portal on the AhorraMas website will be ready soon. At that time, you will see the offers in the section Work with us and the option to apply will appear.

apply for the job

Let’s first talk about how to apply for a job at AhorraMas from InfoJobs, Search among the offers for one that suits you. When you find it, click on it, read the requirements and, if you meet them, press Sign up for this offer.

Remember that you need to be registered on this website, so when you apply you can send any of the CVs that you have in your profile. Now, “How do I apply from LinkedIn?” To the same as in InfoJobsyou will be sent to a list with the offers.

When you see the available job, tap on it, the job details are broken down on the right side of the screen. If complete the requirements and the position suits whatever you’re looking for, click Request now. Then, enter your email, complete the data and upload your CV from your profile.

🎁 Bonus tip: In the event that there are no job offers available when you access the websites, both in InfoJobs and LinkedIn you have the option of activating alerts when the company publishes one.

How much does AhorraMas pay?

According to Statista, AhorraMas is one of the top ten grocery stores in Spain, so it is normal that search for employees regularly. A question that many ask about the supermarket chain is: “How much does AhorraMas pay?”.

The salary received depends on the position, taking this into account, then I leave you a list of jobs and their respective salaries in AhorraMas (according to Glassdoor) 👇

Administrative Assistant: between €19,000 and €21,000/year.
ATM: between €16,000 and €17,000/year.
Logistics director: between €84,000 and €91,000/year.
headquarters manager: between €25,000 and €28,000/year.
fruit bowl and delicatessen: €1,000/month.

How to get a job at AhorraMas?

Now that you know how to send your resume to AhorraMas, you need to know what the recruitment process that the company carries out. The steps with which they comply are 👇

Publication of offers and application: In addition to digital media, it is valid to bring your AhorraMas resume in person, go to a branch and deliver it to one of the managers.
One-on-one interview: where they will decide which candidates are the most suitable.

The process is quite simple and does not have any additional steps.

Now, “What positions are available at this company’s locations?” The most sought after professionals are 👇

What is needed to work at AhorraMas?

As we mentioned in the steps to send your resume, before applying for a position you must make sure that you meet the requirements to work at AhorraMas. Many of them They vary depending on the job you want to apply for. and are specified in each offer.

On the other hand, the general requirements who need to complete those who want to be employed in these supermarkets are the following 👇

Minimum age allowed: This information is clarified in each offer. Educational level: Compulsory secondary education or university degree, depending on the job applied for.
Experience: It is also clarified in each offer, but at AhorraMas they hire people without a work history and even those who want to do professional internships.
Availability: from Monday to Friday and weekends, since most of the hours are rotating.
Communication skills, patience and empathy.

Advantages of working at AhorraMas

Most customers agree that the treatment given to them in these supermarkets is very good. They are not the only ones who enjoy a pleasant environment. In the company they make sure good condition employees, thus ensuring that they offer the best service to buyers.

The benefits of working at AhorraMas that stand out the most are the following 👇

It offers a wide variety of jobs. It gives long-term stability, since a formal employment contract is made from the first moment. He strives to provide continuous training to the staff.

Additional tips for you when sending your resume to AhorraMas

these tips they will be useful to you when you make the decision to send the resume to AhorraMas 👇

If you have a profile on a job page, you have the opportunity to register several CVs, I recommend you take advantage of this option. Read the job offer carefully and adapt your Curriculum vitae to her. In case you are called for an interview, show motivation and have a good attitude. Follow specialized advice to help you write your resume to work at AhorraMas the right way. A cover letter adds value to your candidacy.

To sum up

All the information we have given you is important, but the key points that you should not forget are 👇

Before applying for a job, make sure you meet the job requirements. AhorraMas also publishes its job offers on InfoJobs and LinkedIn, it is valid that you apply from those websites. Activate the notices on the job websites, so you stay up to date with the offers that are published. It is possible to send the curriculum for the supermarket through the internet or deliver it to a manager of some branch.

Frequently asked questions

To end this article, we answer some questions that are raised by those who plan to look for employment in AhorraMas 👇

Who can apply for a job in these supermarkets?

The positions are adapted to the conditions of many, including those who want to work in full time and students who are available part time.

How long will it take to know if you are selected for an interview?

In many cases, those selected are contacted at some point of the two weeks following the application. However, the period may be less, it all depends on how many people have applied for the same job.

What template should my resume have?

Recruiters, not just those at AhorraMas, prefer resume templates that are well organized and allow a quick glance at the document. Do not decide on one that is very simple, the best thing is that it shows that you spent enough time writing the curriculum.