How to make a social worker CV without work experience

However, it is true that it is not the same to send your CV without experience to an offer that requires professionals with 10 years of experience, than to send it to an offer that does not consider work experience as an exclusive requirement, the latter is the one that you should consider .

But before sending your social worker resume without work experience, first we are going to make sure that it really communicates your professional profile strategically. ✔

Sample Social Worker Resume With No Work Experience

Victor M. Silva R.
Social worker
Madrid Spain
+34 000 00 00 00
[email protected]
LinkedIn: /victorsocialworker/

Professional objective
Professional recently graduated from the Social Work Degree of the Autonomous University of Madrid, with a final average of 9.8 points; with skills in designing action plans, evaluating social policies, writing results reports, teamwork and problem solving. I did my professional internship at Fundación Esperanza y Alegría, where I was recognized for optimizing its social policy program, adding evaluation instruments. I want to join the Francisco De Vitoria Social Foundation to join efforts in social assistance, training and aid for education.

Main Abilities
Design of action plans

I am able to design and implement action plans with specific objectives, always personalized to respond to particular needs and problems, with performance indicators to determine their effectiveness.

Evaluation of social policies

I am able to evaluate and optimize, if necessary, the foundation’s social policies and programs in order to improve results.


I am able to understand and respect people’s emotions, listening to them without judging or minimizing their problems and needs, always acting with respect and professionalism.


I am able to adapt to new social situations, facing the challenges that this implies and adapting my actions to the demands of the environment.


I am able to lead work teams to address the social problems of the foundation’s community, always working as a team to add individual talents and build a multidisciplinary team.

Professional practices
social work assistant
Hope and Joy Foundation
Madrid Spain
October 2021 – February 2022.

I assisted the social worker in the creation of more than 12 personalized action plans according to specific social needs and problems.
I wrote more than 7 reports of results after the implementation of the new social strategies in favor of responding to other social problems.
I assisted the social worker in field research to offer talks on employment and professional training for communities in vulnerable situations.
I interviewed more than 10 young people benefited by the social service for help and assistance in university academic training.

outstanding achievement: I was recognized for optimizing social policies, adding an evaluation instrument to measure the effectiveness of social strategies.

Vocational training
Degree in Social Work
Autonomous University of Madrid
September 2018 – June 2022.


Spanish – native level.
English (C1) – advanced level.

University Course in Social Research Techniques
Distance University of Madrid
September 2022 – ongoing.

💡 Important: this is a good template guide to make a social worker resume; However, in this guide you will learn to write each section using examples and writing and design keys, in case you prefer to structure each section step by step.

Basic rules for writing a good Curriculum vitae social worker without work experience

So as not to immediately bombard you with technical information, we are going to open this guide with a series of basic guidelines to consider when writing your resume, such as 👇:

About the correct writing of your resume

Always prefer to customize your resume for a specific offer. Write the sections in simple, professional and persuasive language. Write the sections with keywords and action verbs. Read the final document to check spelling and grammar (use LanguageTool). Include clear and specific arguments. Mention only relevant information. Be brief, but do not omit essential information for the vacancy. Write short sentences so as not to create very long blocks of text. Choose the best type of CV for your professional situation (without work experience). Organize the sections taking as a starting point the structure of the CV. Complement the essential information with extra sections.

About the correct design of your curriculum

Choose a design with light tones and a professional and simple style. Prioritize and summarize so as not to spread to a second page, in this case. Always choose a traditional font for easy reading. Use visual aids (icons, bullets, lists, etc.) to distribute the text. Emphasize titles with bold fonts, icons, and a bolder font. Avoid the Word format to present your CV, always use the PDF format.

The best type of resume for a profile without work experience

It is, in our professional opinion, the functional CV and the mixed CV.

Both types of resumes are based on the most outstanding skills so that work inexperience passes into the background, detracting from this aspect.

For this reason, these CV formats describe the main professional skills in more detail, customizing them for the vacancy.

Yes indeed…

While work experience is optional in the functional resume (because other types of professional experiences related to employment can be mentioned), it is an essential section in a mixed resume, because the latter combines the functional order with the reverse chronological order to take the best of each one.

Is it mandatory to choose one of these types of resumes?

No! In the end, it’s all about your resume, so the final decision is in your power.

The most strategic organization in each type of format

Also based on the two types of resumes mentioned above, because we consider that they are the most appropriate for a professional without work experience, we are going to briefly describe what the structure of the sections would be like.

Firstly, the classic structure of the functional CV is this 👇:

Header. Professional objective as a social worker. Description of your main skills as a social worker. Academic training in social work. *Other professional experiences (optional).

*As we mentioned before, in this type of CV professional experience is optional, so you can do without this section; even so, it is not without importance.

And on the other hand, the traditional structure of the mixed CV is this 👇:

Header. Professional objective as a social worker. Description of your main skills as a social worker. Other professional experiences (in reverse chronological order). Academic training in social work (in reverse chronological order).

Although you have this guide structure, the mixed CV is characterized by its dynamism and flexibility, giving the option of moving the sections to suit the applicant; although the most convenient thing will always be to do it with a strategy to promote your candidacy.

Extra: the complementary sections for this type of CV

And if the basic sections seem to leave your application short, you can complement with other sections, these being the most appropriate for this profile 👇:

Languages. Practical workshops, courses, seminars, etc. Other skills. Profesional references. Other data of interest. Publications. Interests. Hobbies.

The objective of these sections is not to fill spaces or extend the CV without meaning, but to complete the information with other relevant data for the position of social worker.

💡 We didn’t want to move on to practice without preparing the ground with a theoretical introduction that will be very helpful to you while writing your CV. Now, let’s get to work.

Start your application with your personal introduction

What do you do when you have an unknown person in front of you, with whom you need to start a conversation about work issues? Surely introduce yourself, right?

Well, it is the same thing that you will do in the header of your CV, because you do not know the recruiter or who you are, so the first thing he will seek to hear from you is the following 👇:

Name and surname. Profession or professional specialization in the area of ​​social work. Personal housing address. Personal phone number. Work email.

These are the fundamental data, with which it is usually more than enough to identify yourself in front of the employer; however, optionally, you can also mention other data that adds value to your candidacy, such as website, portfolio, social networks…

The most important thing is that in this heading you only mention data relevant to employment, nothing that has to do with your private life, like this correct example 👇:


Ximena V. Alcantara R.
Social worker
Barcelona, ​​Spain
+34 000 00 00 00
[email protected]
LinkedIn: /ximenasocialworker/

Fair, relevant and straight to the pointThese are the characteristics of a perfect headline, the best way to start your application on the right foot.

Contrary to this, the following example includes extra data 👇:


Curriculum vitae
Ximena V. Alcantara R.
Barcelona, ​​Spain
ID: 00000000A
Single woman
27 years old

Less is more, in this case. And it is that, going back to the initial assumption, you would not mention all this information in front of a person you do not know and with whom you want to have a work conversation, right? Because it’s not relevant. In addition, in this example the professional title or contact information is not mentioned, which makes it difficult to identify you, not to mention that writing “curriculum vitae”, or similar terms, is an old and incorrect practice.

Summarize your professional objective as a social worker

Not having work experience is not a disadvantage, you can also write a Curriculum vitae attractive to help you get your first professional opportunityyou just have to change the focus to hide this aspect, highlighting other important ones, such as 👇:

Trade, profession or professional specialization as a social worker. Outstanding achievement during your academic training (optional, but valuable). Main knowledge and professional skills in the area of ​​social work. Brief mention of professional practices, if applicable (optional, but valuable). Professional aspiration within the company.

The arguments they have to be very convincing, because the objective of this section is to demonstrate your material as a professional in the area of ​​social work and what you can add to the team. You do this by transforming the above points into a persuasive snippet and…