How to make a resume in PDF: complete guide

Its acronym in English stands for Portable Document Formatwhose meaning would be Portable Document Format. This is the main feature of this type of file, since it is light and easy to send wherever you need it. However, you are probably wondering how to make a resume in this format.

If you have noticed, many of these documents They don’t even allow you to select the text. In fact, if you do not export your resume correctly, it is likely that it will not pass the filters of the selection programs. Therefore, today we will let you know everything you need.

How to make a resume in PDF | Step by Step

If you think that it is enough to open Adobe Acrobat or any other reader of this format and make your resume there, you are wrong. The truth is that creating a PDF document is not something that can be done from this type of program. Actually, you have to do it from a ordinary word processor and then export it to the format you need.

Next, we will introduce you to two effective methods and the ones that are currently most popular:

Make a resume in a text editor

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft Office Word allows you to export your documents to PDF format. It is also an option available in Google Docs, which works similar to Word, but Online.

The process to follow is quite simple, since you only have to apply the following steps:

Create your resume from scratch or use a default Word template Customize your personal information, either in Word or Google Docs When you’re all set, click the menu Archive and then in Keep as
Write the name for your curriculum vitae In the box Guys select the format PDF
Click on Keep and ready

On the other hand, you may not like the default Word templates or think they will be widely used by other candidates. Likewise, it is also likely that you do not know how to properly structure a resume.

For these situations, the second method is the most successful:

Create a resume in PDF with our online editor

On our website you will find numerous resume templates on-line to download immediately. All you have to do is select a model of your choice and start filling in the corresponding sections. Each section is very intuitive and you will not have any inconvenience to finish your CV in a matter of minutes.

Everything is done online, although later you will have the opportunity to save your resume on your computer. In this way, you can send it to recruiters through an email.

This is what you should do:

Select a template

Look at our catalog of resume templates so you can select one that matches your profile. We have suitable models for marketing, law, engineering, administration, among others. We also have different formats, such as functional, mixed and chronological.

tips📌: If you have a lot of experience, chronological CVs are the most appropriate. For medium trajectories or recent graduates, the functional and mixed curricula enhance the profile, even without having experience.

Fill in the required sections

After choosing the template, our portal will begin to request data related to your experience, training and skills. You only have to place the corresponding information in each box and the platform takes care of structuring the document.

Write your professional summary

This section is one of the most important and the first one that recruiters observe in the personnel selection process. Even if you are going to fill it in almost at the end, is displayed at the beginning of your document. The purpose of leaving it last is so that you get important insights while you narrate the rest of your journey.

Remember💡: If you have a long career, write a professional profile, which focuses on your work achievements. On the other hand, for recent graduates and inexperienced staff, the professional objective is more suitable. This focuses on competencies and skills.

Complement with additional sections

Our online editor will allow you to choose between several extra sections to complement your resume. Choose the ones that suit the job vacancy for give your cover letter a plus.

Download the document

You already have your curriculum vitae ready and all that remains is to download it in the format you prefer. From our page you can do it in a Word file, in case you are going to make subsequent editions. But if you need to send it immediately to the recruiter, make the direct download in PDF.

How to fill out a CV in PDF

In addition to doing it in Word or on an online platform, there are also PDF resume templates to fill out. However, they are not as common as the methods we have described above. In this case, they are editable documents that come with boxes in which you can add and modify text.

The drawback of this type of file is that you have to fit exactly to the space established by the document. For example, if you have 3 lines to narrate your professional profile, you cannot exceed that amount. They are practical templates for basic resumes, but they will not help you in more specialized documents.

If you need a more complete document, do it in a conventional text editor or with one of our online templates.

Why make a resume in PDF format?

Submitting a resume in PDF format is much more professional than doing it in Word. Also, keep in mind that resumes are sometimes not reviewed by a physical recruiter in the first instance. Rather, computer programs are used that are responsible for read the document and determine which resumes should be read.

For this situation, the PDF document is the most suitable, since it keeps the structure intact.

Careful⚠️: When exporting the Word file to PDF, make sure that it does not do it as if it were an image. Otherwise, the selection software will not be able to read the information and you will be ruled out.

Apart from what has already been explained, these are other important reasons to use the format:

The information is unalterable It is easier to read It is sometimes required by employers It is a more secure document

PDF vs Word: Which is the best for your CV?

Although you already know the importance of using a PDF for your resume, you may have doubts about if it is better than a Word format. The truth is that there are circumstances where one is more convenient than another.

For example, if you are going to constantly edit the resume for several companies, it is practically mandatory to have it in Word. After doing the editing, simply make the export document the format you need.

Generally speaking, Word is the best editing file, and PDF is the ideal extension for sending documents by email. Anyway, here we show you some advantages and disadvantages between each one:

Advantages of PDF over DOCX

is incorruptible. Word documents tend to lose structure and become slightly cluttered when sent by email. It does not happen with PDFs, since they are unalterable files.
It is a universal format. It doesn’t matter if the recruiter uses Windows, Linux, Mac or Android. PDF files adapt to any operating system. Word is also highly supported, but there may be slight drawbacks on Unix.
ease of reading. Believe it or not, it is more pleasant to read a PDF document. It is even possible to use a night mode, depending on the reader that is used.

Disadvantages of PDF compared to DOCX

It’s hard to edit. Word documents are perfect for making instant edits and having them automatically saved.
Limitations on templates. As we already mentioned, the best way to have a complete PDF resume is to start by doing it in Word.

What other formats you can choose

PDF and Word files are the most recommended to create a resume. It is not appropriate to use a different format, unless indicated by the requirements in the personnel selection process.

For example, if you know that the drives uses Mac or Linux, choose a format that is native to these platforms. If you do not have a computer with these operating systems, use an online converter.

On the other hand, although in few circumstances, certain companies request a JPG file, that is, an image. Finally, the classic option is submit printed resumewhich you can do from any of the extensions described above.

Final Tips for Making a PDF Resume

Creating a CV in PDF is not much of a mystery, either in Word or through one of our templates. Anyway, if you want your resume to be perfect, here are some additional tips:

Be objective with information. Don’t use data filler or talk too much. It is preferable that you get to the point in each section.
Use keywords. For the job offer, certain phrases are mentioned in the requirements to be met. Be sure to place these words unobtrusively throughout your resume.
take care of the spelling. Whether you use Word, JPG, PDF or a secret NASA format, spelling is vital to your CV. Pay attention to punctuation, wording, and errors.
Use action verbs. They are suitable to describe your career path. For example: I designed, I got, I increased, I developed, among others.
Choose a model according to your profile. There are many templates on the web, but not all of them are effective for every race. Dedicating yourself to defending people in court is not the same as advertising on social networks.

And to conclude…

If you want maximum security when sending your CV by email, making a PDF resume is the best. Of course, you should start by getting a template that suits your needs and your personality. Edit it through our web platform or download a template to modify it in Word.

The important thing is that you describe your experience, training and skills in a professional manner that highlights your most important qualities. It is what will allow you to succeed in the world of work and be a better employee. In short, the time has come to write your CV and grow as a professional.