Hotmail Definition

Email is based on the same idea as traditional mail, but with a singularity: this platform is accessed through a computer connected to the Internet. Thus, an email account is the contemporary version of conventional postal services. Nowadays, not having an email account is quite a rarity.

One of the most popular mail programs is precisely hotmail, from its beginning to its evolution to the current Outlook. It is the first mail service that was incorporated into the web. It was created by two professionals from the FirePower Systems company when they realized that they could not access their personal email accounts.

In 1997 Microsoft acquired hotmail and since then it has not stopped improving. The trade name comes from the capital letters HTML (Hyper text Markup Language). Hotmail’s rapid success in the market was based on three aspects: it was easy to use, it offered security guarantees, and it was a completely free service.

It is very easy to create an account

To create a hotmail account you have to follow a few simple steps. Initially, personal data is entered into a Microsoft account, a username and password are indicated. A personal image can then be included to create a profile.

After this procedure, a message is received in which the user is welcome to the email account.


– The hotmail interface has some important sections: navigation, mail options (new, reply, reply to all…), inbox, spam, drafts and deleted. On the other hand, its interface allows you to play YouTube videos and send large attachments.

– Like other types of email, hotmail has a number of additional possibilities: cloud storage and access to spreadsheets, text programs, Twitter or Facebook.

– This e-mail service was one of the pioneers.

– One of the most valued options by users is to offer efficient searches in the different trays.

– It is very intuitive to use and for this reason it is easy to use.

– Each email account has a storage capacity of 15 GB (so that the email received does not exceed the limit, Outlook performs a periodic cleaning, eliminating advertising emails).

– In 2004 the webmail sector received a major boost when Google introduced a new mail service, Gmail. Hotmail (now Outlook) and Gmail are the two most used systems in the world.

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