Hostile Definition

The word hostile is a qualifying adjective that is used to indicate when a person, a situation or a phenomenon is aggressive or unpleasant. Hostile comes from hostility, the attitude of responding aggressively and dangerous to the integrity of a person or living being. Hostility can be exercised in thousands of different ways and its intensity can vary not only depending on the person, but also on the situation, the causes, interests, etc.

Although hostility is present in many areas of life, and not only in human beings, it can be especially recurrent in some people who act through the use of violence, aggression, and contempt for others. According to what specialists on the subject maintain, hostility is always an indirect sign of deep fears and insecurities that are masked and made visible through verbal and non-verbal aggressive forms.

In many cases, the hostility of one person towards another can be generated voluntarily and with specific objectives. However, in some cases a hostile attitude from one party to another may be unconscious and involuntary, something that cannot be controlled and already falls within the realm of irrationality. Hostility always shows disagreement and hiding that feeling is not always an easy task.

Hostility has been present with human beings forever. In any case, there were times when it has been observed in a great way, especially when there is marked hostility between social, ethnic, political groups, etc.

Hostility has negative causes both for the person who receives the aggressive behavior and for the person who generates it, since the permanent use of violence and aggression generates an increase in stress and nerves, bad mood, discontent and, ultimately, permanent dissatisfaction with the other or with what surrounds us.