Hobby Definition

A hobby, also known by some as a hobby and by others as pastime, is an activity that is regularly practiced and that for the person who does it has the strict purpose of training without any cause of production or obligation mediating as occurs with a job.

Hobbies can also be related and go hand in hand with the vocation of people, that is, in addition to that entertainment that we marked as a fundamental feature of a hobby, there are also some that, although they may not produce direct entertainment, are carried out as part of a professional activity and because they arouse a deep passion in the person and joy to do them. For example, a person who loves animals and as a means of earning a living, decides to combine both aspects of passion, duty and obligation and becomes a veterinarian.

On the other hand, The hobby is a term that is used very regularly in the sporting context., since people who are not professionally dedicated to a certain sport but who do practice it because it entertains them, they like it or those who only attend to see the sporting event without any other reason, are commonly called fans of that sport and It is said that they maintain an important fondness for the. Supporting a soccer team or team, for example, generates the most incredible passions, such as following the team everywhere it plays, even those matches that take place outside the borders of their country, buying publications in which it talks in depth about the equipment in question, among others.

Among the most common hobbies we find the following: cooking, chess, collecting, DIY, gardening, model making, origami, radio hobby and checkers.