Highest paid jobs in Panama in 2022 – CV Sample

In addition to being in high demand, properly prepared professionals can receive the best salaries in Panama.

What are the best paying jobs in Panama?

In this article we will give you a top 11, so you will know how profitable your profession is in the Central American country. The jobs with better remunerations belong to different sectors of the labor market, especially health, legal and technological.

Without further ado, let’s see what they are the 11 best paid jobs in Panama.

1. Surgeon

Average salary: $250,066/year.
Industry: health.

The job of a surgeon is one of the most versatile in the health industry, that is, it has many job opportunities. As a surgeon you can not only work in surgical care, but also in primary care. In addition, this professional has the necessary capacity to hold administrative positions, such as director of a hospital.

Surgeons may also work as teachers and in research. Keep in mind, however, that the highest-paid surgeons are those who work in private medical centers and provide care in their own offices.

Panama is experiencing a deficit of medical specialists, so there are job opportunities for foreign doctors residing in the country. When they look for work, they must present a certification from the Technical Health Council of Panama and documents that prove their medical practices.

💡 Note: we obtained the majority of average salaries mentioned in this ranking of the best paid jobs in Panama on the website Average Salary Survey. Many users share their salaries on it and the platform is in charge of calculating the averages.

Average salary: between $60,000 and $100,000/year.
Industry: health.

Doctors’ salaries increase when they have a specialization, such as gynecology. Within gynecology there are subspecialties and those who have them obtain the highest salaries for these professionals. The highest paid gynecology subspecialty is obstetrics.

The highest salaries are available to gynecologists with more than 2 years of experience. In addition, in Panama it is valued that these specialized doctors have the ability to work with limited resources. Many of the jobs are available in rural areas from Panama.

3. CFO

Average salary: $94,725/year.
Industry: management.

Many of the positions that are part of the management areas of companies receive outstanding salaries, such as the position of financial director. It is necessary to clarify that those who can obtain the aforementioned salary are the most experienced financial directors.

In the case of those who are starting their career paththeir salaries can reach up to $40,975 per year.

Those who have the training, experience, and skills to be CFOs are prepared to fill other finance-related positions. For example, financial analyst and even bank manager.

4. CEO

Average salary: $92,211/year.
Industry: management.

If a professional has the knowledge and skills to be an executive director, they also can hold the following positions 👇

Credit or finance analyst. Investment project evaluator. Independent consultant for social, public or private projects.

A professional with a bachelor’s degree and holding a CEO position can earn an average salary of up to $36,009/year. With a master’s degree, the remuneration increases to 120,332 per year. Those who wish to have access to a Salary higher than this (an average of $150,040 per year), requires up to 20 years of experience .

To aspire to be the CEO of a company, one must have a minimum experience of 15 years in the management area.

5. Bank manager

Average salary: $87,523/year.
Industry: bank.

We mentioned earlier that those who are trained to be CEOs are also prepared to be bank managers. Now, let’s focus on this last profession. According to Average Salary Surveybank managers earning median salaries of up to $120,032 per year are the ones with between 4 and 8 years of experience.

Due to the importance of this professional profile in a bank, many requirements must be met. Applicants for a bank manager job must have demonstrable experience managing bank branches . To meet this requirement, you have that they have held a position of bank manager or similar.

Bank managers who are just entering this position may receive an average remuneration from $95,025/year. To exceed $100,000 in average annual salary, an experience of between 2 and 4 years is required.

6. Pilot

Average salary: $73,019/year.
Industry: aerial.

The areas of Panama where there are more jobs as pilots are the Panama City, Colon, David, La Chorrera and San Miguelito. As in the other well-paying jobs in Panama, experience greatly influences the salary received.

In the employers of pilots that exist in Panama, great benefits are received. In addition to high salaries, some benefits of getting a job as a pilot in Panama are 👇

Pension plan. Health Insurance. Training courses and career plan.

“Who are the most prominent employers of pilots in Panama?”

The ones that stand out the most are Copa Airlines, DHL Express and Emirates Panama. The company that generates the most job offers for pilots in Panama is Copa Airlines. An example of the above is that, to reactivate travel during the pandemic, the airline generated more than 1,300 jobs, 300 were pilots .

7. Computer system analyst

Average salary: $70,000/year.
Industry: technological.

Among the 11 best paid jobs in Panama is that of computer system analyst, this position is superior to that of the programmer and you can find employment in 👇

Companies that provide software and hardware solutions. Companies in which telecommunications technology is developed. Government companies, from the industrial, manufacturing, banking, health and other sectors that use computer systems.

In addition, systems analysts can carry out independent projects, these are mainly focused on audits of computer systems. On the other hand, the salary you receive as a computer systems analyst in Panama depends on the following aspects 👇

Experience. Company. City where you work. Certifications.

8. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $30,000/year.
Industry: health.

Psychiatrist is one of the most requested and best paid jobs in Panama. Many psychiatrists decide to open their private offices since, if they work independently, they earn more. In these cases, the average annual salary is capable of exceeding $30,000.

In addition to having a private office, the field of work of a psychiatrist extends to hospitals, schools and private companies. The areas where there are more job opportunities for psychiatrists are Panama City, San Miguelito and Colón.

Psychiatrists with more experience may receive salaries that exceed by up to 34% the annual average mentioned.

9. Judge

Average salary: $26,046/year.
Industry: legal.

As expected, the main employer of judges in Panama is the Supreme Court of Justice. Among the requirements to obtain a job as a judge in this entity is to be 35 years of age or older and to be Panamanian by birth. Therefore, unfortunately, job opportunities in Panama for foreign judges are few.

Professionals who are trained to be judges may also hold positions as magistrates, applicants and agents of the Public Ministry. In addition, they can work in organizations that defend human rights.

Let’s see the average salaries of judges according to experience that they have in the legal sector 👇

Experience between 12 and 16 years: $29,007/year.
Experience between 16 and 20 years: $36,409/year.

10. Lawyer

Average salary: $21,671/year.
Industry: legal.

If you want to opt for a lawyer job in Panama in which the salary is higher than the average, you need a master’s or doctorate. Your experience and level of education are aspects that can raise the salary range that you can enjoy.

According to Average Salary Survey, lawyers with master’s degrees have an average salary of $22,506/year. In the case of those with more than 12 years of experience, their average salary increases to $29,007/year.

Remember that the salaries mentioned are averages, so they can increase considerably depending on the entity or law firm in which you work. Regarding the supply and demand of lawyers in Panama, the supply is high, since there are more than 21,000 lawyers in the country.

However, it has been determined that not all lawyers in Panama have the capacity to practice law. Therefore, if you meet the requirements established by the entity or law firmyou have a good chance of getting a job where you get a good salary.

11. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $20,000/year.
Industry: marketing and sales.

In this case, we obtained the salary range from Glassdoor, several salaries have been published on this website. Although the average is $2,000 a month, there are companies where the salary they receive is much higher. For example, at P&G Panama a marketing director earns up to $10,000 per month.

A marketing manager may work for a marketing company, be head of market analysis, director of studies and hold other similar positions. You can also work in consumer, financial and more companies .

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Best paid jobs without studies in Panama

In today’s job market It is not necessary to have an academic degree to succeed and get a good salary. Of course, in many jobs, such as those named in our top 11 of the highest paying jobs in Panama, a university degree is required.

More and more companies are look more at the professional skills of the applicants than in his studies. Many of the positions in which this happens have good salaries, the ones that stand out the most in the Panamanian labor market are the following 👇

Sales representative: $1,546/month.
Photographer: between $60 and $150/hour.
Dubbing: from $1,149/month.
Tailor: between $1,391 and $3,599/month.
Executive assistant: between $1,200 and $1,500/month.

🎁 Additional Information: Regarding the work of a voice actor, we would like to mention that the salary increases when his voice is associated with a specific character.

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