Highest paid careers in Peru in 2022 – CV Sample

What are the highest paid careers in Peru?

These focus on different sectors, especially health and engineering. In this article we will tell you which is the top 10 highest paid careers in Peru, this ranking will focus on the year 2022.

Now let’s see what they are. The 10 careers that receive the best salaries in Peru 👇

1. Medicine

Average salary: between 930 and 6,100 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: health.
Job opportunities: It is one of the jobs with the most opportunities in the labor market, a doctor can work in clinics, hospitals, in the research area, as a teacher and have a private practice.

The exact remuneration received by a doctor in Peru It depends a lot on the sector you work in.This can be public or private. The medical professionals who receive the best remuneration are those with private offices.

2. Statistics

Average salary: between 1,400 and 6,000 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe)
Sector: financial.
Job opportunities: Statistics is one of the most sought after professions in the digital age. Whoever is a statistician can work in companies in the industrial sector, in technology companies and many more.

Statistics is one of the most demanded and best paid careers in Peru. To work as a professional in statistics, it is necessary do a specialization through a postgraduate. Generally, those who study this type of study are graduates of careers such as Economics and Mathematics. .

If we take into account the highest paid careers mentioned by Ponte in carrera.pe, we see that it has been part of the jobs with the best pay since 2017. Considering the conditions of the labor market, we can expect that the demand for this career will be just as high in the following years.

💡 Note: Ponte en carrera.pe is a web portal that offers information of interest to students about universities and higher education institutes in Peru. In addition, it contains data on the labor market. This page is from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion.

3. Systems Engineering and Computing

Average salary: between 1,200 and 5,000 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: engineering.
Job opportunities: You can work in application development, software development, information systems and technology management and more.

“What are the best paid technical careers in Peru?”

One of them is that of a systems and computer engineer, in addition to being one of the best paid, she finds many open doors in the job market. This course can be taken in both public and private universitiesthat is one of the reasons why it has gained so much popularity among the youth.

Those who study Systems and Computing Engineering not only learn about the technologies that surround them. The main objective is to teach them to understand reality and, in this way, implement and generate channels that optimize current systems.

Among the Peruvian universities where it is possible to study this career are the following 👇

National University of Engineering. Federico Villarreal National University. UNITE. UNMSM.

Junior computer and systems engineers can earn salaries between 1,500 and 3,500 S/ per month. In the case of professionals sufficiently prepared to occupy positions Senior, they can earn up to 5,000 S/ per month.

The remuneration mentioned for Senior Computer and Systems Engineers may be exceeded according to the functions carried out by the professional. In some companies, they can earn between 7,000 and 10,000 S/ per month 💶.

4. Economy

Average salary: between 1,100 and 5,000 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe)
Sector: economic.
Job opportunities: A professional in economics can fill jobs such as business director, economic researcher and social scientist.

Among the 10 most demanded and best paid careers in Peru is that of economist. Economics allows students specialize in various areas. Thanks to that, they get more opportunities in the labor market.

Those who study economics can specialize in international business, marketing and more. Some of the Peruvian universities where this career is studied are 👇

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. Pacific university. La Molina National Agrarian University. National University of Piura. National university of Trujillo.

5. Administration

Average salary: between 1,300 and 4,700 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: administrative.
Job opportunities: Those who specialize in the administrative career can work in public and private companies. For example, in savings banks, banks, insurance agencies, offices and more.

The Administration career is made up of very varied subjects, students acquire knowledge about logistics, marketing, accounting, law, trade and much more. Thanks to that, when they graduate, they find many job opportunities.

This degree lasts between 3 and 5 years., the exact period depends on the university in which you decide to study. Among the educational centers that teach this career are the following 👇

Hermilio Valdizan National University. National University of Piura. National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco. National University of San Agustin.

Administration is not only one of the highest paid careers in Peru, but also one of the most demanded. On average, each year up to 100,000 job offers for administrative staff are published .

“Why is this career one of the most demanded in Peru?”

There are several reasons, one of them is that it is a career capable of adapting to company trends. In addition, it is constantly innovating and is a key piece in different companies.

6. Geology

Average salary: between 1,300 and 4,500 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe)
Sector: scientist.
Job opportunities: A geologist can look for work in a variety of industries, from mining to oil pipelines. In addition, there are employment opportunities in public administration, teaching and research.

Among the best paid careers in Peru 2022 is that of geologists, these professionals have many professional opportunities in the country. The reason they are in high demand is that Peruvian soil has a high concentration of minerals. Therefore, professionals are needed to study it.

In addition, geologists working in Peru may work in mining deposits, works and engineering projects. The industries in which geologists can work are very varied, let’s name a few 👇

Metallic and non-metallic mining and oil industry. Environmental geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical research. Regional and local governments. University teaching.

7. Industrial engineering

Average salary: between 1,200 and 4,500 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: engineering.
Job opportunities: An industrial engineer may work in the quality control department or the research and development department. In addition, he can work in the logistics area or be a process and cost analyst.

For many years, industrial engineers have been highly valued and the year 2022 has not been the exception. They have many opportunities in the labor market, are trained to work in 👇

Private companies. Companies that carry out industrial processes. Food industry. Production plants.

It can be said that industrial engineering is a multidisciplinary one, since the professional in it can dedicate himself to areas logistics, purchasing, management positions and marketing. Industrial engineers have to develop many technical skills, these will allow them to fulfill all their functions.

8. Computer Science

Average salary: between 1,100 and 4,500 per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: technological.
Job opportunities: A Graduate in Computer Science can work in both the public and private sectors. In addition, you can be a teacher or dedicate yourself to the development of systems in different types of companies and institutions.

“What are the most requested careers in Peru?”

One of the most prominent is computer science, more and more companies require professionals to manage technologies. Recruiters appreciate that professionals in this area have lots of technical knowledge.

Professionals with more knowledge will be able to carry out different tasks. For example, they may work in digital spaces, videogames and data processing.


Average salary: between 1,000 and 4,400 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: marketing and sales.
Job opportunities: A marketing specialist can occupy positions of director of studies, head of market analysis and the like that are related to advertising.

Due to the importance that the profession of marketing has acquired in the digital ageIt is one of the highest paid. Anyone who wants to be a marketing specialist must do a specialization and have completed one of these careers 👇

Social comunication. Degree in administration. Advertising.

To be a marketer whose candidacy is attractive to companies, several skills need to be developed. For example, adapt quickly to market changes because the ways of selling are constantly evolving.

In addition, it is important that you keep up with the most efficient selling techniques.

10. Telecommunications engineering

Average salary: between 1,300 and 4,100 S/ per month 💶 (according to Ponte en carrera.pe).
Sector: Engineering.
Job opportunities: Telecommunications engineers have a wide range of options in the world of work. This professional can work in technological, industrial or research companies.

The education that is imparted in the career of Engineering in telecommunications is very varied. In it they receive training on digitization, Big Data, telecommunications, ICT and other areas that are related to digital transformation.

Thanks to the above, telecommunications engineers find many employment options in the labor market. Their education allows them to acquire the necessary tools to carry out processes of design and development of communication systems.

The skills that are most valuable when looking for a job as a telecommunications engineer are 👇

Knowledge of computers, physics and mathematics. Resolution of problems that may arise when carrying out projects. Analysis capacity. Logic reasoning.

Other well-paid careers according to the Ministry of Labor

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