highest paid careers in Costa Rica in 2022

As in any country, in Costa Rica there are also university degrees that are better paid than others, more in demand than others, and that offer better professional advantages.

Although salary is not the only factor to consider when making the final decision of what to study or what area to specialize in, it is not a secret that it is important because it is normal for us to want to receive good income for our professional services.

So before choosing your professional path, take into account what are the highest paid careers in Costa Rica in this year 2022.

But before we start, an important clarification 👇:

This article is based on a list prepared by the Cenfotec University, in which it mentions which are the most demanded and best paid professions in Costa Rica in this 2022, cataloging them, in addition, as the professions of the future throughout the world; while salaries are extracted from salary comparators, that is, they are salary references.

That said, let’s go with the ranking of the highest paid professions in Costa Rica in 2022. ✔

1. Software Engineering

average national salary: from ₡1,660,000 per month (approximately 2,688.33 euros), according to Glassdoor.

We begin this list with one of the most lucrative labor industries, with the most employment and with the greatest professional advantages in Costa Rica, according to Cenfotec: technology.

And it is that the technological era has catapulted all the professions related to technology, Software Engineering being one of the ones that receives the best salaries in the country.

Let us remember that the graduates of this career possess the essential knowledge and skills to programming and designing software applicationshaving an extremely wide field of work, which is not limited to any sector of the market.

In fact, you can work as a freelancer or under labor dependency full time with a company; You decide how you want to lead your professional career. Just try to highlight your strengths very well in your software engineer resume.

As additional information, Costa Rica leads exports of digital technology services in Latin America and, in September, Altimetrik, a digital engineering and data company, settled in the country, creating 50 new jobs.

2. Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

average national salary: from ₡1,580,000 per month (approximately 2,558.77 euros), according to Salary Explorer.

Staying in the same tech industry, there are two emerging professions who have stood out in recent years and whose future is promising due to the solutions they can offer in the prevention and treatment of diseases of molecular origin.

Both disciplines are the core of disease research centers in Costa Rica; in fact, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt), under the coordination of the Ministry of Health, has created the National Technical Council for Clinical Bioinformatics, becoming the an important step of the Central American country in favor of health.

Being a relatively new field, it is logical that there shortage of professionalsTherefore, these careers have emerged as the most demanded and with the best economic forecasts within the Costa Rican territory, according to the Cenfotec University.

3. Data Analytics

average national salary: from ₡819,000 per month (approximately 1,326.35 euros), according to Glassdoor.

Although it is not a regulated university degree in Costa Rica, is a specialization which, in general, you can only take if you have previously obtained a degree in Engineering or in similar areas to later be able to specialize in the big data field.

In the Cenfotec study, this discipline has also been considered one of the best paid, in demand and with the best forecasts for the future.

And it is that for companies every day it becomes more necessary to analyze and filter all their data to make strategic decisions, this is precisely the main function of a data analyst; so highlight it on your data analyst resume.

4. Digital Animation

average national salary: from ₡770,000 per month (approximately 1,246.99 euros per month), according to Salary Explorer.

In some countries this is a specialization or complementary training, in Costa Rica it is a Regulated career that you can take at various universities and, what is more important, it is also one of the highest paid and most in demand professions.

The best of all is that as a creator of digital drawings you have a wide field of work, being able to work in companies like the following 👇:

Television companies and producers of entertainment and cartoons. Advertising agencies. Media companies. Design agencies. Event producers. Digital media.

Now if you prefer You can also work as a freelancerperforming under the following profiles 👇:

Audiovisual producer. Character designer. Freelance digital animator. Storyboard creator.

5. Computer Engineering

average national salary: from ₡670,000 per month (approximately 1,085.05 euros), according to Your Salary.

This is a professional profile very similar to software engineerbut more focused on computer networks and not so much on software development, and it has also been considered one of the best paid careers in Costa Rica and one of the most requested positions.

Although your field of work as a computer engineer is more related to the optimization of computer processes, being able to receive very good economic income, you can also study specializations that allow you to access more competitive salaries, such as software development.

Even, according to Cenfotec, the specialization in digital transformation It is also one of the best paid and most in demand in the Costa Rican territory, since it represents the evolution of a company by introducing it to technological changes.

These types of specializations add value to your base profession.

Other High Paying Computer Related Professions

Other IT jobs have also been considered the best paid in Costa Rica in 2022. The following are also added to the above 👇:

Computer Infrastructure Engineering (which includes cloud technologies). Computer Network Engineering. Computer Engineering or Digital Electronics.

Other highly paid careers in Costa Rica in 2022

In addition to the ones we mentioned above, there are other professions that are also very well paid in this Central American country, including the following 👇:

Medicinewith a minimum salary ranging between ₡621,984 and ₡1,065,421 per month (between 1,008 and 1,726.99 euros) for recently graduated or junior professionals.
Pharmacywith a minimum salary ranging between ₡615,022 and ₡967,674 per month (between 996.92 and 1,568.55 euros) for recent graduates or junior professionals.
Financewith a minimum salary ranging between ₡590,884 and ₡1,459,579 per month (between 957.79 and 2,365.90 euros) for recent graduates or junior professionals.
Chemical engineeringwith a minimum salary that is between ₡540,522 and ₡1,051,364 per month (between 876.16 and 1,704.21 euros) when starting to practice.
Business Administrationwith a minimum salary that is between ₡435,460 and ₡1,516,115 per month (between 705.86 and 2,457.54 euros) in the first years of exercise.

*These salary references were extracted from yoursalary.org.

📌 Important: Keep in mind that these salary ranges can vary due to many factors, although this salary comparator analyzes several criteria to determine average salaries, they are salary references.

Examples of resume that might interest you

In summary…

Technological profiles are, to date, the best paid and most in demand in Costa Rica in 2022, since this is one of the most important industries for the economy of this Central American country. Besides that they have been considered within the professions of the future.

With this guide you can have a reference of the current panorama of the Costa Rican labor market; However, do not rely only on salaries to decide what to study, take into account your tastes and abilities, so you can make sure you pursue a career that you are passionate about. ✔