He who does not listen to advice does not grow old

The saying that goes “He who does not listen to advice does not grow old” first warns that A person without humility to consider the advice of someone sensible is exposed to the failure of his objective., whatever the scope. Second, he teaches that it is wise to know how to listen, and that this guarantees the good development of life. There are variations of the saying such as “He who does not listen to advice does not grow old.”

It is used as a warning for those who are arrogant or disinterested in the advice of their neighbor. Therefore, it usually comes after the act of advising and rarely before. The person who advises understands that the person is acting against his or her own good and is able to predict that his or her behavior will not bring good results. Therefore, upon seeing the counselee’s stubbornness, he exhorts him to think about his future.

There are several positive values ​​included in this saying. Firstly, the saying values ​​the experience of the counselor, who has already experienced similar situations and has overcome them or learned from them.

Another value that it tries to promote is humility, which is manifested in the willingness to listen, evaluate the advice received and put it into practice when necessary. Finally, the proverb builds with this the principles of wisdom, whose symbolic image is old age, “getting old.”

We must remember that in ancient times, elderly people were considered wise, since the average lifespan was very short. It was believed that reaching old age was a sign of having known how to live, both in terms of accumulated experience and in spiritual and physical terms.

Thus, the saying not only points in the direction of prolonging life and achieving success, but is also a symbolic image that only by listening can one become wise. Wisdom, therefore, brings together the elements implicit in the saying: humility and the willingness to listen.

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