Hairdresser resume: examples and tips – CV Sample

According to the Stanpa association, the Spanish market in 2019 was made up of a hair salon for every 900 inhabitants, which means a total of approximately 51,911 rooms. This shows the great demand that currently exists in the sector and the data has highlighted this for years, so start creating your hairdresser resume now.

Employment Statistics for Hairdressers

💰 Did you know that near 20% of Spaniards go to the hairdressing salon at least twice a month? Going to the hairdresser or stylist is one of the priorities of Spanish society according to a study published on the Beautyec website.

The appearance has become a letter of introduction on a day-to-day basis. The importance of giving a good image has always been present in Spanish society, therefore, the hairdressing sector will never be obsolete and will continue to expand.

Example of a hairdresser or stylist resume

Maria Quintana Almeida

32 years

Contact information:

Landline: 93012211

Mobile phone: 650212121


Don Quixote street number 13, Madrid



[email protected]

Social networks:

Linkedin: Maria Quintana

Professional profile:

Hairdresser with more than nine years in the sector specializing in cuts and hairstyles for special occasions. Great communicator with clients and highly developed empathy to know exactly what they want. I like to create an optimal and efficient work environment. Focused on all kinds of women’s hairstyles.

Labor trajectory:


Louis Philippe Academy, Barcelona

06/01 – Currently

Different types of cuts for wedding
Specialized emergency care for special events
Mole type of classic and modern cuts
hair coloring


Chandeau Beauty Salon, Valencia


Middle-aged customer service with traditional styles
Making classic cuts and hairstyles for women
Preparation of dyes, smoothing and other techniques
Management of appointments and cleaning of the premises

Academic training:

Intermediate Degree in Aesthetics and Hair Cosmetics

Madeleine Center in Madrid


Compulsory Secondary Education

IES Pastas and Bellota, Madrid



Knowledge of all kinds of techniques.
work in detail
Assertive communication
Empathy with the client
Good presence.

Additional Information

Loreal París classic and modern cuts and beauty workshop.
Immediate availability.
B1 driving license


Basic English

What is the best format for a hairdresser or stylist CV?

It is your time to develop a resume, whether as a stylist or hairdresser, start taking notes, start now and do not hesitate to use one of these templates if you have any doubts about its design or structure.

There are three resume formats that are currently used to stand out in the job market, these three types of format are:

chronological resume: Focuses on career trajectory.
functional resume: focuses on the skills and characteristics of the user.
Reverse chronological resume: It is a mixture of the previous ones.

The ideal for the CV of a hairdresser or stylist is the reverse chronological one. This is because it is important to emphasize both characteristics in order to stand out and elevate your candidacy.

This format focuses on displaying the most recent jobs, followed by the most important training and skills, headed by a professional profile.

Note: If you don’t have experience, try highlighting your achievements and training with a functional structure.

How to write the professional summary in the hairdresser CV

To create an attention-grabbing cover letter It is important to put yourself in the technician’s shoes selection or recruiter. Imagine that it is you who is deciding who to hire. What type of hairdresser or stylist are you looking for?

Exactly, all those qualities that you imagine and adapt to your profile must be named in the professional summary. Now, do not extend yourself more than necessary, it may be a reason for them to discard your CV automatically. It is advisable not to exceed 5 lines.

💡It is advisable to name some skills or achievements to increase the interest of the recruiter, also name the number of clients they serve per day or the competitions that define you They can make an attractive resume.

Look at this example:


Professional stylist with more than 9 years in this sector and 300 satisfied clients, focused on having the client happy and wanting to return. I have completed more than 5 training sessions on hair care and treatment and have run my own business. Coloring services, various hair treatments, beauty treatments, among others.

As you will see, you can briefly introduce your qualities and years of experience for the job. The different functions or trends in which you are an expert and the approach you have towards customers.

Instead, check out this other professional resume example:


Hairdresser with little experience looking for someone who can pay well and doesn’t mind doing jobs with no prior experience.

As you can see, it is not enough to create a professional profile on your resume, it is not a pleasant way to stand out among the candidates and it is lacking in imagination and skills.

Career Objective on a Hairdressing Resume

If you don’t have enough experience or the necessary training to enter a professional summary, then change your strategy and apply in this section the professional objective as a cover letter for your stylist or hairdresser resume.

The professional objective will focus on the motivations and expectations that you may have about the hairdresser or styling center that you are trying to access. Analyze the candidacy to adapt in the best possible way.

Here is an example of a career objective:


Ana, 26 years old, recently graduated in beauty and styling. My skills for customer service stand out, adapting to new trends, treating all types of hair and coloring. I want to develop as a professional in your center and I am sure that it would be a great opportunity for both parties.

How to detail your experience in the CV?

To detail this section in the CV, You must take into account the format that best suits the sector to which you want to opt, in this case, the reverse chronological resume format is the ideal one to highlight the candidacy as a hairdresser, hairdresser or stylist.

Therefore, you have to write this part starting with the most recent position you have had. Followed by the other experiences in an orderly manner.

Use this sample resume to give you a rough idea of how to correctly expose the trajectory in the CV:


Hairdresser and stylist, Peluqueria Torre e Hijos.


Men’s and women’s cut
Cut and shape on sensitive skin
Supervision of hairdressing equipment
Training in various styling techniques for new colleagues
Expert in hairdressing and wedding aesthetics

The structure should be clear and simple, without a doubt. First name the hairdresser or the company where you were, then state the position and the start and end date. Finally, explain the tasks that you developed in said job position.

Experience for hairdresser or hairdresser


Hairdresser, Bell Center, Canary Islands.


Cut and color for men and women
Emergency services for celebrations
Graduation photo services.
Eyebrow shaping and waxing
Various hair treatments

Note: If you have any notable achievement in a job position, you can write it in this section of the CV, it will help you stand out as a candidate.

Experience for stylists


Stylist at Chateau Beauty Center, Madrid


Eyebrow shaping and waxing
smoothing treatments
Hair color and bleaching
Hairdressing team supervision
full body hair removal

Is it necessary to add your education in the hairdressing CV?

The academic trajectory is a key factor to stand out on the hairdressing resume. The courses, workshops and other types of training are highly remarkable in this sector when looking for a job.

It is best to introduce a section with the study center you have gone to or the training you have done right after you finish exposing the experience. In a section called “Academic training”

In this section you will be able to expose all the knowledge that you have acquired thanks to these trainings. Another way of writing the courses and workshops carried out is in the last part of the CV, in “Other data of interest” or you can even name some of these in the profile or professional summary.

Use this example of education for a hairdressing CV:

Academic training:

Intermediate Degree in Hairdressing and Cosmetics

FP Costra Center, Valencia


With competences in:

Reception, storage and distribution of hairdressing material.
Ability and social skills to deal with the client.
Preparation and set-up of the workplace and facilities.
Carrying out barbershop and hairdressing techniques, identifying the demands and needs of clients.

Aestheticism course at Loreal Paris Center (2011)

Asian Manicure and Pedicure Workshop (2012)

Competences or skills in the hairdressing CV

ANDIt is important to highlight the skills and aptitudes when looking for a job. The ideal candidate must have a series of characteristics that shape the optimal development of the hairdresser or beauty center.

Expose in the curriculum all those skills that make you see the future result with clients.

Here’s a list with the skills of the sector that focus on highlighting professionalism with clients and integrity as a worker:

Advises clients on styling products. Friendly with all kinds of customers. Effective and optimal listening. Excellent cash handling and cash register. Creative. Diagnose scalp and hair problems. Polite. Make and answer phone calls. He is up to date with fashion trends. Hairdressing skills. Interpersonal skills as a guide. Administration skills. Wash, cut and style the hair. He likes dealing with people. Very meticulous with his personal hygiene. Firm pulse.

Tips for writing a resume for a hairdresser or stylist

Do not forget this series of tips if you want your resume to stand out and create a contact between the recruiter and your candidacy:

Beware of misspellings: It is important to take good care of the appearance and structure of the curriculum, in addition to the grammar, otherwise they can rule out your candidacy very quickly.
Add a photo: A photo will be a very good letter of introduction to the selection technician. Do not forget to smile and take care of your appearance.
Guide the technician where you want: It is important that you adapt to the company and know what they are looking for, so you can add the data that you think may be of most interest.
Make a resume and another and another and another…: Try all kinds of resumes until you make up your mind…