Guerrilla: what it is, concept, definition and examples

What is guerrilla

A warfarein military vocabulary, can designate different things: a skirmisha armed struggle system, a troop made up of small commando groups or one military organization different from the Army.

In military tacticsthe guerrilla works like army auxiliary troop, and acts in accordance with its strategic objectives. It is deployed mainly in natural terrain that is difficult to access for outsiders. Their type of fighting consists of carrying out surprise attacks, ambushes, blowing up facilities, bridges and roads, as well as the theft of weapons and supplies, all with the aim of weakening the enemy.

On the other hand, as a guerrilla it can also be called a military organization, other than the Armywhose objective is the imposition of a political, social and economic model contrary to the interests of the government or the political leadership of the country.

In Latin America, starting in the second half of the 20th century, guerrillas emerged as organizations of armed struggle to confront dictatorial regimes and social injustices on the continent. As such, they used both rural and urban environments for the struggle. Some guerrilla movementsas in the case of Cubawere victorious and took power and implemented the socialist model, and others, as in the case of Colombia, with the FARC or the ELN, or in Mexico, with the Zapatista guerrilla, remain alive, despite not having risen to power. .

See also: FARC and Zapatismo.

urban guerrilla

As urban guerrilla It is called a specific system of armed struggle that uses guerrilla tactics designed to be developed and applied in an urban environment. In this sense, it is part of a coordinated military combat strategy whose objectives range from the anti-colonial struggle and national liberation, to the revolutionary, counter-revolutionary or openly terrorist struggle. As such, it is a type of struggle that emerged in the second half of the 20th century and that, since then, has had multiple manifestations throughout America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

guerrilla in Marketing

In Marketing and Advertising, such as marketing guerrilla It is called the set of strategies and techniques of marketing that use unconventional media as a way to reach their target audience, basically focusing on alternative spaces to traditional advertising spaces. In this way, the marketing guerrilla prefers to appeal to ingenuity and creativity to generate a positive impact on its audience. Thus, it uses media such as graffiti, stencils, posters, web pages, social networks, actors, flash mobs, e-mailing or cyber mailboxing, among others.

Communication guerrilla

As communication guerrilla, or guerrilla communication, is called the set of subversive practices of a political nature that use unconventional forms of communication to intervene in conventional communication processes. Its objective, as such, is to make visible the power relations typical of societies with capitalist systems in order to question them. In this sense, it is a type of political action that specifically attacks the message of the dominant discourse.

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