Geriatric Definition

A geriatric It is an institution made up of doctors and nurses that deals exclusively with the care and treatment of elderly individuals..
As people advance in age, their state of health becomes much more fragile, from the physical to the psychic, it will often require special and very precise care that sometimes the family cannot provide or cannot provide either.
On the other hand, it may happen that the elderly is alone, so they decide to enter an institution of this type that will guarantee dedicated care and attention 24 hours a day.

Also Known As Retirement Center, Stay or Geriatric Residencegeriatrics, many of the times become the solution for many individuals when they become dependent as a result of an illness or any other complication they suffer and who also do not have the possibility of being cared for or treated at home and for their relatives.

On the other hand, it is also a reality in many cases that the doctor prescribes the nursing home as the place where the adult patient should stay for their health and safety, something that often cannot be achieved in the patient’s home if This does not have suitable personnel dedicated to their care.

Generally, nursing homes operate in large houses, with one, two, or more floors, which are specially adapted to the requirements of older people with mobility difficulties, for example. From the bathrooms, through the rooms and the common places where the grandparents meet to eat and relax, they have special characteristics so that the grandfather can function as naturally as possible.

Likewise, they have a staff of nurses or nurses, who will take turns to be able to offer the elderly attention and care 24 hours a day.
Meanwhile, they will work alongside and under the indications established by the doctor or doctors in charge of the health of the inmates.

There are public and private ones, with more and less benefits and comforts, although all are concerned with fulfilling the double objective of their existence, which is to provide care and assistance to patients 24 hours a day and promote the development of their physical, cognitive, and mental faculties. and emotional.

And on the other hand, the term geriatric is used to refer to everything relative or proper to geriatrics (part of medicine that deals with the study of old age and its disorders).