Geography Definition

Although in our daily work we pay little attention to it, many of the activities we carry out, and some unexpected events that happen, are directly linked to geography, one of the most relevant sciences from its creation to the present day, and which has not rested. to work towards continuing to offer us knowledge about places, relationships between people and their environment, among others.

A close science with influence on human beings and the planet

Human beings leave marks on the territory in which we inhabit and also the different places that make up the earth produce an impact on the people who live in them, and there is geography, using other auxiliary branches, such as economics, politics , ecology, sociology, among others, to study the phenomena that occur and govern the planet and how the territories change over time.

In constant incorporation of novelties, geography evolved remarkably over time, basically, due to the physical changes that occurred and occur on the planet and due to technological advances that every day offer better resources to explore the earth and that there are no ends left. loose on the why yes or no of such a phenomenon.

Thanks to geography, people can know what the climate is, the relief of the place where we live and of others that we have not yet known, or a government can know specific characteristics of its territory to develop effective policies in various areas, especially in the economic field. : elucidate, for example, what are the best activities that can be developed in a specific area.

An important field of analysis that always adds many followers is linked to the geological formationsbeing important the theories of the great periods of orogenesis and folding that gave rise to the formations of the great mountain ranges and cordilleranos that today we can enjoy as attractions natural landscapes.

Our ancestors victims of geographical ignorance

Undoubtedly, one of the main obstacles our ancestors faced was not knowing as accurately as today the territory in which they lived and the closest one, because this situation prevented them from expanding economically, or developing a victorious strategy at the behest of of a war.

On the other hand, for centuries, volcanoes and earthquakes were catastrophic phenomena for which there was no scientific explanation and therefore no possibility of anticipation.

Although today they cannot be prevented from happening, what has allowed the development of this science is its knowledge, why they occur, and devising tools that facilitate their anticipation, that measure their magnitude, and that reduce their material and fatal consequences.

The evolution of the world map, hand in hand with technology

Also, the world map evolved with the growth of this science and this is demonstrated by the enormous number of maps that exist on our planet at different times up to the present day.

An infinite number of questions and subjects have been represented on these maps, especially those that interested man at the time in which they were generated.

The supports, and the representation of the continents and their corresponding territories were changing as new lands were discovered that revolutionized the world and the people who found out about the existence of pairs behind an ocean where it was not even thought that there was something …

Currently, the technological revolution has created magnificent and extremely precise systems that, through aerial and satellite photographs, allow us to access a map of the planet that does not allow for interpretive errors, or of unknown areas, our entire fabulous and rich world. it can be seen from a small screen that we carry in our pocket, and that is there for when we need it unless the battery runs out, and one is forced, being in the street, to ask another person for directions as was done in the “antiquity”.


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