Functional resume: Everything you need to know – CV Sample

One of the most important tools you can count on is knowledge, knowing what is the resume format that best suits your needs, will be one of the keys to stand out and get recruiters to notice your resume.

According to a Workday study, 53% of CEOs view the lack of key competencies in their human talent as a major constraint. Without a doubt, today’s competitive market requires that employees have the necessary skills and abilities to face new challenges.

And the best way to portray your talents and abilities is through the functional resume.

Functional resume structure

This template will help you emphasize your abilities and skills in the ideal CV and will increase your probability when looking for a job thanks to its versatile structure.

This CV format is currently one of the favorites, especially for those people who do not have a long career path and want to highlight their strengths in terms of skills.

The structure of the functional curriculum is based on highlighting the abilities, motivations and skills of the candidate, separated by theme and ignoring, as much as possible, the short journey in other jobs, if it is considered useful.

Characteristics of the functional curriculum

It is worth noting a series of elements and characteristics that are part of this document:

More room for your skills: This format will allow you to focus on your motivations, aptitudes or soft skills, giving priority to them.
Obvious lack of experience: Thanks to this type of resume, you will be able to avoid the lack of experience being noticed, therefore it is very favorable to people who lack it.
Moldable structure: It is easy to add your needs to the different paragraphs of the curriculum vitae, it is possible to change the information of place so that you focus on what is most interesting for the different jobs.
Very useful for temporary lapses: In the case of having spent certain periods without having a job or without training, this resume format will allow you to avoid those temporary gaps that could lead to mistrust in the recruiter.

It is not necessary to follow a specific ordersince the functional cv allows you to adapt it to your circumstances and needs, therefore it is recommended to add or eliminate a section depending on the needs of the recruiter or the company.

When to use a functional resume?

There are different situations in which you should use a functional resume to stand out and adapt to the circumstances, since the functional cv will allow you to modify the sections of this and do it in an optimal way to attract the attention of the company or recruiter.

Typically, a functional resume is used in the following cases:

Inexperienced students: This format will allow you to highlight your skills and motivations even if you don’t have any type of experience.
long period without employment: You can ignore the temporary lapses in which you have not had a job and replace it with a series of skills or formations.
Change in employment sector: If you are looking for a new challenge and do not have previous experience in that sector, use this format to introduce the company as your ideal hire.

When not to use this format in the curriculum vitae?

On certain occasions, it may be out of place to go to this format since it does not always adapt to the situation or needs of the user and could cause them to discard your candidacy very quickly.

The functional CV format focuses on highlighting your skills, motivations, aptitudes. We suggest you avoid this format if:

You have extensive work experience: the functional CV will not highlight your work experience, on the contrary, it will put it as something secondary, therefore you will not be taking advantage of one of your strengths
If you have been in the same sector for many years: Experience is desirable in the vast majority of the best jobs. Why hide it when it can be your best ally?
You think about applying to a very specific project: When you have been looking for the same job for several years and you have prepared yourself for it, you should specify said effort in your document. The functional resume is not the best for this situation.

If this model does not suit your needs, we suggest you take a look at the best resume formats.

Advantages of this format

There are different types of format depending on the needs of the user. Each format has a series of advantages and disadvantages that must be assessed when deciding which one we want to use in our curriculum vitae, otherwise it could negatively affect your candidacy.

In the case of the functional resume format, the most important advantages and what you should keep in mind are:

Recommended for people without experience. Recommended for people looking to enter a new sector. Very simple to understand. Fully modifiable structure. Focus on skills, motivations, abilities, aptitudes and professional objectives. Obvious lack of work experience. It can be made very easily. You can adapt it to the companies or applications in which you apply for a job.

If you think these advantages they can boost your resume and therefore your application, do not hesitate to use the functional format, if, on the contrary, you think that it does not fit your needs, rule out using this format.

Points to consider in your functional resume

There are times when the functional resume format can be a disadvantage, since there could be other formats that better suit your needs, it could obviate your strengths making you look like a weak candidate, etc… So keep these points in mind when selecting the functional format:

It will not be useful for people with a lot of experience in the same sector. Remember that recruiters greatly value prior industry knowledge. Parts with advantages when having experience and it is extremely important for any job position to point this out in the resume.
It won’t help you if you’re applying for a very specific job. It is not easy to demonstrate all your previous preparation with this format.
It does not allow you to highlight the achievements in your career. This is because the format omits a lot of temporary data.

Tips to get the most out of the functional resume

Before choosing a resume format, It is important to take into account a number of factors that determine the effectiveness of this:

Be sure to use a template that fits the format. Do not ignore all experiences or training. Analyze and study the company where you are going to apply. Do not forget to indicate the information of interest such as languages, driving license, first aid in your resume Show a photo where you smile (except for jobs in the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia).


The Functional Curriculum is of the most effective models. However, it does not fit all profiles, so it is important that we take it into account when looking for a job.

Sometimes it is normal to have some confusion about the model, the templates or its structure; That’s when you should bring out your interpersonal intelligence, adapt to company information, and put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. In this way, you will increase your chances of success considerably.