FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)

What are the FARC:

FARC is the acronym for the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces. As such, they are a guerrilla movement with a Marxist-Leninist ideological tendency, which aims to seize political power in Colombia.

The FARC was formed in 1964, as a consequence of the situation of violence in Colombia, unleashed in 1948, with the assassination of the political leader Jorge Eliécer Gaitán and the Bogotazo, which gave rise to the emergence of various subversive groups inspired by leftist ideals. radical, and since then they have been one of the strongest components of the armed conflict in Colombiaalong with other movements, such as the ELN, the M-19 and the paramilitaries.

After the Seventh FARC Conference, held in May 1982, the FARC would be renamed by adding the acronym EP to its name, which means ‘People’s Army’.

The FARC operates mainly in Colombia and in the border area with Venezuela, and They are accused of financing themselves from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, kidnappings and extortion..

Likewise, they are attributed with the practice of a large number of other crimes such as illegal mining, attacks, destruction of infrastructure, the murder of civilians, officials and law enforcement agents, the placement of anti-personnel mines, the recruitment of minors, rapes, etc.

At the international level, they are considered a terrorist movementmainly by the United States and European powers.

Despite everything, the FARC began a process of peace dialogues with the Colombian government of Juan Manuel Santos in 2012 with the Cuban and Norwegian governments as mediators, which concluded with a historic agreement signed by both parties on September 26, 2016, to end 52 years of conflicts.

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